That Gnawing Fear.

                                                                 By;- Mike J Hughes.                                                        

My growing spirituality has led me into a realm of service most people shy away for reasons that range from fear to ignorance.

I have come to realize the fact that people are dying everyday with no one at their side helping them cross over into the astral world when the physical body is left behind to return to its elemental source.

With those who are earthbound, in the ,-[ kama-Loka ] ,- which , can sometimes, be a state of utter confusion wherein the disembodied Ego may not realize it has passed on. Everyone must, at some time, come to an understanding that we are essentially souls with a very long history that covers thousands of incarnations going back through tremendous eons and vistas of time, through many races, cultures, ancient civilizations, and evolving little more with each and every cycle,- with each and every incarnation.

For many people, the fear of death is so terrifying they refuse to even think of it ,as if denying its very existence to the very last minute.

This fear is not extreme as most people think it is. Those living in dark ignorance see their death as the annihilation of everything so dear to their hearts, -of everything they ever loved ,- places , people ,things, thoughts , dreams, inspirations , – and most of all, the annihilation of Identity itself.

Those who are   very carnal and  worldly during their incarnations on earth will be most devastated with the thought of dying- ,as they have been so  conditioned and limited by ignorance since the beginning of their lives while   leaving out the most precious  important realities of who they are as Souls.

Many ancient and seasoned racial groups have the wisdom concerning ;-, “The Art of Dying“During which one prepares to discard an old and useless shell,-  only to acquire new ones after  making  their transition to the other side.

The  lessons to learn ,  as we come into incarnation age after age ,  is to not identify ourselves with our earthly vehicles.

As we identify  with the Divine Self , detach ourselves from our physical, astral-emotional, and  lower mental bodies, we thus learn to live as souls, finding  real joy and bliss as we come to Divine Self-Realization.

There is no such thing as death,- the soul [ or “Higher Self“] is a Divine aspect of the the one Universal Principle which thrills throughout the cosmos in which we ,live,move ,and have our being.

As we come to  understand ourselves for  who we REALLY   are ,-… this fear of death will be seen as it really is,,,a silly superstition, and a   vague misunderstanding of the greater reality of which we all play a part,- having no beginning and no ending ,  as we understand it. Thus we come to understand the eternal NOW.

Once we have  freed ourselves by detaching and releasing our sense of awareness above elemental substance of  dense physical , astral-emotional , and lower mental planes , then we free  ourselves from the fear of death ,  and all silly, superstitious , and childish phantasms   related to it.

When we set ourselves free from material limitations , the illusions that have for so long kept us in the dark, then shall we find greater freedom to work and play beyond the confines of our  material existence ,and to  soar ever higher into bliss of Divine Self-Realization.

                                                                                      Your Friend and Colleague –

                                                                                                  -….always , – Mike j Hughes.-

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Do Not Ever Underestimate Yourself.

By;- Mike j Hughes.

Lucis Trust.

Put some time aside and dive into a deep research into this most beautiful contemplations with an open mind ,-…and if your intuition is well-developed you will indeed begin to have an insight , – and come to a realization that it is now time to UNLearn the low , shallow , and Social Conditioning that has shaped and moulded who we think we are .

Don’t ever under-estimate yourself , or cut yourself short due to past failures and human weakness we all go through time after time .

I am working on a paper that may shed Light on the most important , and valuable profound subject I Hope will help those who are living short stunted lives . Within ALL Human Beings there resides a sleeping Titan ,- and this is who we truly are.

This Divine Titan within us all had achieved things so glorious and so incredibly cosmic in their origin that it would be a feeble attempt indeed to in any way to comprehend. – We,- and our Higher Selves, Titans , or Buddhas , so to speak ,- are the ”Returning Lords of the Flame. The Returning Buddhas from a previous solar system.

Yes within all sits that Divine Titan bathed in cosmic splendour and radiance .

This Spark of Divine Fire still sleeps within the greater bulk of humanity today. This simply means that ,as yet , most have not yet awakened and aroused this Higher Living Principle within them due to ignorance and various cultural and ideological conditioning.

This my friend is the cause of all suffering and agony of mind imaginable . A Great Divine Being is never “just born“, but has become wise and so incredibly advanced through countless eons of suffering , trials, and testing throughout many man-bearing globes of our evolutionary chain.

Within Each and every one of us is an exact replica of the entire cosmos , and its Creator,- who lives forever within us,- as us

As the cosmos ever expands upon its macro cosmic scale,throughout eternity, then , through an esoteric corresponding analogy is the human conscious awareness in an everlasting state of Becoming.

Humanity is slowly raising its conscience ,- and as the eons come and go , we begin to come to the true meaning of ”Self Realization”. Within us all sits a Divine Being , a Buddha, and a Titan that is not active within the bulk of Humanity today. The greater bulk of Humanity at this time has passed through countless hundred of thousands of incarnations ,…along with a load of Karma good and bad.

Many think that if your hooked on drugs , engaged in depraved activity , and all that is worse. I know what you are going through , I’ve been there many times before myself . After many years , or many lives we begin to be quite saddened , and may even begin to care for little. If we can take a few moments everyday to devote to that part of yourself , to contemplate the High and Divine origins of that we call the Soul , your very own ”Higher Self”, the sleeping Buddha within you.

Remember you must learn to play the hand you have been dealt with to the very end .Your last incarnation is the foundation upon which your present incarnation is the result. Now we can begin to understand how our present incarnation will affect our next life , and on and on and on and………

I personally see all the suffering desire has caused in our world. Those of us suffering with deep-seated addictions have more or less been using for many lifetimes , and it is this class many of us fall into and discover at some young period of our incarnations time after time again and again. Most Egoic Units will , after hundreds of lifetimes begin to move on to better things as we begin to have higher callings that are of an altruistic and useful to our fellow-man .

These rather simple exercises will help in the unfoldment of that Spark of ‘Divine Cosmic Fire’ that reside in each and every Human Being. always remember you are not the various shells that make up the temples incarnate within while in incarnation,- these are 1- the physical body, – the astral-emotional body , and the two-fold mental bodies. Remember the fact that you are not these limitations that you have taken incarnation within. Each and everyone is a Star. However everyone is at their own stage of manifesting the Divine Life of God, For that is what you are.

Remember Friends , don’t be so sad seeing yourself as a failure. We all have lessons to learn for ages to come ,- through many future incarnations. You all have within you that Divine Fire , of an eternal becoming throughout the Cosmos. Share the news of Maitreya Lucis Trust. Esoteric Study, Alice . A . Bailey. The 24 Books By Alice A Bailey and D.K – Theosophy and Occult. World Goodwill Site. A collection of almost 1000 online articles, organized by topic List of Spiritual occult Theosophy Links.

This page contains a variety of audio recordings including Messages by Maitreya, lectures and talks by Benjamin Creme, and public radio interviews. These recordings contain energetic blessings by Maitreya and can be experienced by the listener during playback.

Maitreya is to Step Forward Sooner than Later. By- Mike j Hughes Part 1



What I am about to share with you all is something of a profound reality, and is expected by millions today.
As all those who follow the news ,- hence all that is now taking place throughout the world at this time, is of a very serious nature , the toll of human suffering , anger , corruption , war , fear , and so much more, is bringing humanity to a ”breaking point”.

All those who study the Ageless Wisdom Teachings are very aware of the fact that the ‘World Teacher’ is about to appear once again. As the ”first flower” of our Earth scheme He is coming with a rather large group of those known as the Masters of Wisdom , and they are to be found working on all the 7 Rays that stream forth from the Cosmic Christ from Sirius, and related ”Points of Light” connected to evolution on Earth.
The Masters , and those working with the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, are in constant communication with those Human Groups that live upon all planets within our Solar System.

I know what many are saying or thinking right now,….- that ”life, as we know it” ,is not thriving upon any of the planets of our solar system ,- ”as far as they know and understand life”.
In all my years of study as a student , and later as a Teacher of the ”Ageless Wisdom”,- I have done my homework lasting many years until science at last came and announced the reality of what is known as ”Dark Matter
The discovery of what is known as ”dark matter” is what humanity will come to understand as the etheric planes of matter,- of which the Master D.K predicted humanity would discover around the turning of the century of our very time.

As said before ,- there our seven levels to each plane of matter .
For example ,- this dense physical plane is made up of seven planes of matter,- that being;- the dense , the liquid , the gaseous , – now, above this gaseous level are 4 finer and refined levels of matter of which are known as the etheric levels of matter. Yes,- ”matter” , albeit of a very refined state.
There are a group of Masters along the 2nd , 3rd , 5th , and 7th Rays who are working with an advanced group of scientists , Healthcare professionals , scientific research under the Masters Hilarion , D.K , The Master Saraphis Bey , and as well as the one who has been known as ST Germain

……………..To be continued…..-

To Be Over.By- Mike j Hughes

Lucis Trust.


Isnt’ life strange. Over the last year or so my inner spiritual Self took control over my lower earthly ego by  limiting my actions , such as not eating and fasting.  The sun has not shined upon me for many months . As a result I have gone pale with a lack of energy and motivation,- not to mention that I am on a Benzodiazepine taper  to get me off those damn things  that have made me a slave to addiction and sadness.

Withdrawing from Benzodiazepine  is the worse.  I would rather go through  opiate withdrawal for 6 months  instead  , than 3 days of Benzo withdrawal  . This is how bad these pills  are.  I have been addicted to these ”tranquilizers  from Hell ” for about 20 years  and they did provide me with comfort and a driving force to get my body in such a relaxed state that allowed me to  loosen my astral body from the limitations of this physical body ,which is a prison that presents a big limit for the soul to express itself on the physical plane.

For a couple of years it indeed worked  like a charm allowing me to explore  various levels of the astral planes during my daily meditations , pouring out my blessings and Goodwill  to all mankind. Soon I became addicted to these infernal drugs and always needed more to get to the same level as before during meditation.  When I ran out ,- I began to withdraw and it made my life full of hellish nightmares. It then hit me like a bombshell as I would go through withdraws  worse than anything I could ever imagine . I needed help for this stupid habit I acquired over the years.

I am now beginning to recover now , but it will take a long time for my body to switch  back to its natural and healthy default, thus swinging back into a healthy rhythm once again and to get back into altruistic service to humanity a little wiser than before. I still smoke a little herb now and again to get my appetite back , along with my artistic imagination , and creating better contacts with those who have learned the highest values regarding spiritual development.  I am even looking younger than I ever expected.