Maitreya is to Step Forward Sooner than Later. By- Mike j Hughes Part 1



What I am about to share with you all is something of a profound reality, and is expected by millions today.
As all those who follow the news ,- hence all that is now taking place throughout the world at this time, is of a very serious nature , the toll of human suffering , anger , corruption , war , fear , and so much more, is bringing humanity to a ”breaking point”.

All those who study the Ageless Wisdom Teachings are very aware of the fact that the ‘World Teacher’ is about to appear once again. As the ”first flower” of our Earth scheme He is coming with a rather large group of those known as the Masters of Wisdom , and they are to be found working on all the 7 Rays that stream forth from the Cosmic Christ from Sirius, and related ”Points of Light” connected to evolution on Earth.
The Masters , and those working with the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, are in constant communication with those Human Groups that live upon all planets within our Solar System.

I know what many are saying or thinking right now,….- that ”life, as we know it” ,is not thriving upon any of the planets of our solar system ,- ”as far as they know and understand life”.
In all my years of study as a student , and later as a Teacher of the ”Ageless Wisdom”,- I have done my homework lasting many years until science at last came and announced the reality of what is known as ”Dark Matter
The discovery of what is known as ”dark matter” is what humanity will come to understand as the etheric planes of matter,- of which the Master D.K predicted humanity would discover around the turning of the century of our very time.

As said before ,- there our seven levels to each plane of matter .
For example ,- this dense physical plane is made up of seven planes of matter,- that being;- the dense , the liquid , the gaseous , – now, above this gaseous level are 4 finer and refined levels of matter of which are known as the etheric levels of matter. Yes,- ”matter” , albeit of a very refined state.
There are a group of Masters along the 2nd , 3rd , 5th , and 7th Rays who are working with an advanced group of scientists , Healthcare professionals , scientific research under the Masters Hilarion , D.K , The Master Saraphis Bey , and as well as the one who has been known as ST Germain

……………..To be continued…..-


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