Do Not Ever Underestimate Yourself.

By;- Mike j Hughes- ‎2/‎3/‎2016

By;- Mike j Hughes- ‎2/‎3/‎2016



Put some time aside and dive into a deep research into this most beautiful contemplations with an open mind ,-…and if your intuition is well developed you will indeed begin to have a insight , – and come to a realization that it is now time to UNLearn the low , shallow , and Social Conditioning that has shaped and moulded who we think we are .
Don’t ever under-estimate yourself , or cut yourself short due to past failures and human weakness we all go through time after time .Humanity has strayed far off the ”Path”, 


I am working on a paper that may shed Light on the most important , and valuable profound subject I Hope will help those who are living short stunted lives . Within ALL Human Beings there resides a sleeping Titan ,- and this is who we truly are.
This Divine Titan within us all had achieved things so glorious and so incredibly cosmic in their origin that it would be a feeble attempt indeed to in any way to comprehend. – We,- and our Higher Selves, Titans , or Buddhas , so to speak ,- are the ”Returning Lords of the Flame. The Returning Nirnaneeses from a privious solar system.
Yes within all sits that Divine Titan bathed in cosmic splendour and radiance .

This Spark of Divine Fire still sleeps within the greater bulk of humanity today. This simply means that ,-as yet , most have not yet awakened and aroused this Higher Living Principle within them due to ignorance and various cultrual and ideolical conditioning.

This my friend is the cause of all suffering and agony of mind imaginable . A Great Divine Being is never “just born“, but has become wise and so incredibly advanced through countless eons of suffering , trials, and testing throughout many man-bearing globes of our evolutionary chain.

Within Each and everyone of us is an exact replica of the entire cosmos , and it`s Creator,- who lives forever within us,- as us

As the cosmos ever expands upon it`s macro cosmic scale,-throughout eternity, then , through an esoteric corresponding analogy is the human conscious awareness in an everlasting state of Becoming. – Theosophy and Occult. World Goodwill Site. Share the news of Maitreya

God Bless All of You!! May Light , Love , and Power , hold us All together in the kind embrace of the Cosmic Christ.



A Changing World

White Bird Must Fly;- or She Will Die.



A Changing World .              By;- Mike j Hughes    ‎29/‎12/‎2011

Millions of people around the world who think 2012 is the beginning of the end of all humanity on earth , that an extinction event is upon the horizon for the human family.
What we are witnessing through each day is a transformation of our civilization where some very grave and serious steps must be made to insure our survival as a race .
We will be tested as to where our true values lie, and will have a chance to right the many mistakes and the agony of mind that millions are now going through at this time.
NO My friends ;-this is not in any way the end of the world -,but rather a painful expansion of our consciousness to the heights of true spiritual awareness unlike never seen before .

Billions are going through all sort of psychic growing pains that will ,- in time- , bring humanity together to work towards a common ground that will reveal our oneness with each other as Souls.
The great occult truth that the universe began with a BIG BANG is very real indeed,;- As Above,- So Below….
As the universe expands ,then so doe`s our consciousness through millions of years. The slow upward climb is full of pitfalls and cruel thorns;- a great struggle by which we climb the mountain top of evolutionary achievement to shine forth as a true Sons of God .
2012 is not a date to be feared at all, as it is preparing the Race to move through a portion of the galaxy where Humanity will be exsposed to a very high degree of energy of somekind that will be very bennificial to all lifestream within our solar system

The Masters said will assist us all in a period of rapid spiritual development,- therefore take advantage of this window of opportunity { millions are doing it now} the beginning stages of man’s transformation in all areas of human endeavour ;- in politics, religion, science, economy, art, spirituality, ecology, psychology,and so on.
Many are there today who have no understanding of the transformation we ,as a race , are about to go through between 2012 and 2035 .

There are many however who are aware of the fact that human civilization is treading upon dangerous times,- and the only way we can bring ,and usher in an age of a heightened awareness is for all to come to an awareness of our oneness with each other and the establishing of right human relations, -and the sharing the resources of the world.

There are many humanitarian groups who know of the awful reality that there are millions all over the globe that are starving to death in a world of plenty for want of food that sits and rots within the great store-houses of the developed world.
Every nation of the world has a great contribution to share and to build the “New Community,-“and to create a beautiful world , a new transformation towards a spiritual and a new beautiful world community based on sharing, trust, justice,brotherhood, and a time for humanity to reinvent itself along sane lines of development that will be lasting ,meaningful, to learn higher and much nobel values.

It is not difficult for us to see that the humanity of this planet is now on the edge of a global revolution. The whole Middle East is going through its own crisis ,and so many dictators are being ousted from power as a result of very powerful changes in the ever expanding awareness and the growth of the human spirit seeking freedom and Democracy.

A great transformation is now taking place everywhere and all can feel the need for change within all departments of human endeavour .
In order to evolve further along the path of right human relationships then we must learn to look within ourselves ,and to there find the inner peace by a gradual and developing contact with ones own soul. Through the science of meditation. When great numbers of the human race begin to establish a measure of soul contact.- then we will see very big changes in the hearts and minds of men and women everywhere.

Simple Altruism

Simple Altruism. By;- Mike j Hughes Maitreya             201212_light_cross_krasnodar1_opti - Copy

I am doing much better,- went shopping in ”Chinatown” and picked up all sorts of herbs and special tea that contain all kinds of ”unmentionable ingredients”,- but WOW!!…my energy level is high with a sound mind.
Some of these ancient medicinal herbs work better than many of these anti-depression medications ,-which to my mind are heavy and clumsy way in controlling bi-polar, or depression ….a sort of pseudo science .
I know that the Mind is quite independent , and continues to reel and think long after the ”Post Mortem” state”.
I have been at study in the world of the occult,- I.E- ”hidden knowledge” for years now,- and I can say that We are not a ”superstitious” group of students. If I , or a group, with whom I have been working with stumble across some ”phenomena” of sorts ,-…We then follow the same tried and strict rules those in the Medical , Scientific , as well as those in the fields of Law Practice use….. ,- which is to ”Rule Out” , or ”eliminate” all that may be in the obvious , or ones own biased point of view , mental disorders , or ones own astral imagination , atmospheric conditions , – and so on, with research , common sense and comparing notes until we reach a logical conclusion,-… as students of the occult.
For many years now we have been with groups who are dedicated to the work of fostering and stimulating the energy of Goodwill throughout the world, and making our message very simple indeed ,- that being world cooperation ,and the sharing of the worlds resources in a world of plenty;- will create trust between all the various Races now evolving upon this Planet. The so-called ”Illuminati” is beginning to crumble – { Don’t ask me to prove it-, just do your dam homework and research as you read the paper everyday}, due to the fact that it is not having anything to do with the ”Plan on Earth” as Maitreya has said. Maitreya is now in incognito , and is working 24 -7 always .
Our main job is making known the fact that the ”World Teacher’ ‘is soon to make a reappearance amongst the everyday world of human civilization, and to show humanity that the problems of our world are very serious yet solvable . Return of the Christ- 5 stars