Choose Freedom.

White Bird Must Fly;- or She Will Die.

Every individual today , in this day and age , can , choose to be a powerful force with a habit of getting things done.
I see many now becoming the ”Pillars” of community and civilization.
The age of dirty commercialized smut and shallow mindlessness must give way to that which is to come as the new paradigm of spiritual growth that has , for some time -been due.

The Fact and Reality of the New Group of World Servers. – From- The Alice Bailey Teaching – as given By – The Master D.K.

Members of the New Group of World Servers learn mostly through the ear and through that careful attention which comes from an inner attitude of constant listening. They are unfolding that spiritual perception which is latent but unused in the average man. They have to catch the new Words of Power as they come forth from the centre of spiritual light and force in the world and, at the same time, they must be attentive to the cry of humanity as it voices its highest hopes, longings and desires.

This attitude of listening and of a subsequent prompt readjustment of the inner, received commands, is characteristic of the New Group of World Servers. The mass of people whom they will eventually gather around them must be taught, and learn through the eye, through the printed page, and later through a sensing of the vision. These two points must be remembered in planning the work and in finding the workers.

The Master D.K
The Master D.K

A word should be spoken here about the dangers the New Group of World Servers should seek to avoid. It must not be forgotten, first of all, that many people of many races and religious views, form a part, consciously or unconsciously, of this group. Some of them are so close to the Plan that their clarity of vision and their understanding is very real. They know. They need to be very sure, however, as to their right action from the angle of time. Skill in action is their main problem and not accuracy of perception. Others are not so close to the Plan and only know it in a vague and general way. They are consecrated and dedicated souls, but personal ambition and national and religious prejudices, still govern [666] their minds, their reactions and their habits of speech. They sometimes resent the fact that others of different race, tradition and religious sentiment may be as close to the Plan and the Custodians of the Plan as they are. They question the authority of individuals in the New Group of World Servers and sometimes work towards the undoing of disciples in the same field as their own.

This must not be. There is no time today for such trifling things as personal prestige, or for the emphasising of one            organization at the expense of another, or for the assumed priority of this or the other teaching. These are the things that do not matter, but which do hinder. What is of importance at this time is the unified stand which can be made by the men of good will in the world during the next few years in order to turn the tide in human affairs, avert possible catastrophe and bring in the era of unity, peace and plenty. Personal ambitions have to go. Personal desire, self defence, or self assertiveness have no place in the ranks of the New Group of World Servers. How can good will be fostered in the world, if those who profess it are fighting amongst themselves? How can the Plan of the Great Ones make progress and the leadership of the world pass into the hands of those who have a definitely spiritual objective if they are quarreling over place, position, and precedence? Personalities do not count and only souls have power.

Let all of us, therefore, who belong to the New Group of World Servers or who respond to their message of good will, sacrifice our personal differences, our petty interpretations, and our selfish ambitions upon the altar of world service and friendships. Thus we can offer to the Custodians of the Plan an instrument which They can freely use.

The Reappearance of the Christ. Links to Advanced Teachings.

Today there is an increasing expectancy regarding the return of the “World Teacher”, the Coming One Who will return to lead humanity into a new age and into a heightened consciousness. In fact, some claim that the Christ has already reappeared in physical form and has been “sighted” in various parts of the world. Yet the teachings of the Tibetan Master, given in the books of Alice A. Bailey, make it clear that humanity itself must first produce the conditions in consciousness and in world affairs essential to the eventual physical appearance of the Christ. When a measure of peace has been restored on Earth, when sharing begins to govern economic affairs, and when churches and political groups have begun to clean house, the Christ will then be drawn into the arena of His work. The Christ will be known by the work he does, by the world influence He wields and by His ability to work with and through every individual and every group who have trained themselves for world service. The Christ will not be “claimed or proclaimed”, either by Himself or by any other individual or group. Share the news of Maitreya Lucis Trust. Esoteric Study, Alice . A . Bailey. The 24 Books By Alice A Bailey and D.K – Theosophy and Occult. World Goodwill Site. A collection of almost 1000 online articles, organized by topic List of Spiritual -Occult- Theosophy Links.

This page contains a variety of audio recordings including Messages by Maitreya, lectures and talks by Benjamin Creme, and public radio interviews. These recordings contain energetic blessings by Maitreya and can be experienced by the listener during playback.

Words From a 1st Ray Ashram. By;- Helena . Roerich – Master Morya

1. Spatial calls reach Earth through the most unexpected receptions. An imperative call about altruism and mutual understanding reaches certain people. But pay attention t6581045_f6b162191e_so the unexpectedness of such arrivals. If, on a map of the world, the places be marked where Our call is perceived, a very unexpected pattern will result. But there are people to be found who repeat this very same thing without any understanding. Sometimes the sowers of dissension are not averse to speaking about altruism. The very meaning of the word is annulled, and instead of mutual understanding violent hatred emerges. But over and above all obstacles remains the call for altruism and mutual understanding. What is not understood today will come tomorrow. Brotherhood, 478
2. You yourself know that the most sure path is the path of altruism. Let us recall the dangers we have escaped through magnanimity. Perhaps we do not even know the limits and dimensions of such dangers. But the heart bears testimony that precisely goodwill did help in the most difficult hours. Fiery World II, 158
3. Monasteries are often called communities. The communal life has long been a sign of cooperation and of mutual respect. So too each workshop can be a cell of a community in which everybody contributes his skill. Altruism is a requisite if one is to devote one’s talent to the common work. Community, 3
4. Thus, the best healers are the rays of the rising sun, pure mountain prana, and especially, pure thoughts and aspiration of the heart toward high, altruistic tasks. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 7 May 1938

5. The true fire-blossom is actual selflessness; however, it must not only be evident in actions but must live in the consciousness. Behavior, like wandering shadows, is an inaccurate reflection, and the vortex of shifting conventions conceals the meaning of action. Is it possible to judge conduct without knowing cause and effect? Then a savior will appear to be an offender, and a giver will seem a miser. But it is not easy to establish in the consciousness selflessness–individuality is unavoidable. And the blending in of selflessness can take place only with a clear realization of the future. Selflessness is not built on past experience; only a true perception of the future can mold an inner judgment about the boundaries of the possible. Whoever thinks in the stillness of the night that the past has taught him the value of selflessness is a prisoner.
One should sing a hymn to selflessness in the rays of the sun, as a bird does, in its own way of expression, knowing the future day on which the migration is to start. The concept of migration has significance for the realization of selflessness.
The future may be understood as the turn from night to day. The slumberers will sleep through it, but the Community stays on watch. Our Guard does not regard a single patrol as insignificant. Community, 166

6. In the ways of action are expressed all kinds of spiritual quests. He who strives, who has renounced, who is self-sacrificing, manifests his tension thereby; that spirit does understand the Common Good. He who persists in selfishness affirms his own methods of action. Thus, the entire human circle battles eternally. Infinity II, 305
7. The Higher World is incorruptible, but instead of self-purification through thought and labor, people still try to bribe the Higher Grace. In such ignorance is expressed a complete unwillingness to reflect upon the essential nature of the world’s. The history of prayer shows that at first hymns were chanted, the prayers were spoken for all beings, and only later did man dare to importune with demands for himself. Sufficient evidences have been given as to how worthless for evolution is everything engendered by selfishness. One cannot purchase favor and justice. Is it not shameful that such words must be repeated? Aum, 236

8. Urusvati knows the true meaning of influences. Man constantly experiences the effects of many influences, from astro-chemical rays and cosmic currents, to the flow of human thought–everything can uplift or depress the consciousness. It will be asked, “How then can the free will act if man is enslaved by so many different influences?” To such a question you will often have to reply, “The free will determines the main direction of man’s activity. If the will directs him to the creativity of good and to the common welfare, man can develop such a strong magnet that the most powerful influences will become his helpers.”
Truly, the heart that has learned self-denial can gather around itself a beautiful flower-garden of influences. Supermundane IV, 872
9. There are two kinds of people–the first prefer to exploit the labor of others, while the second like to attain by themselves. Pay attention to the second, among them you find investigators and co-workers. Help them, for such people are especially reticent and sensitive.
New methods of observation ought not to be condemned. Many initial researches have been savagely wrecked by the ignorant. Safeguard the manifested sensitive seekers against the attempts of the executioner. Each one, within his own horizon, can do so much that is useful and unselfish. Let us be selfless. Aum, 587

10. In the records of space the thoughts of the Great Teachers are preserved in a better way. They descend like a refreshing dew to those who can receive them. Knowing this, the Teachers do not pay much attention to earthly distortions. That which is preordained will come, and the receptive heart will receive it.
Human thoughts also grow in space. Every heroic, unselfish thought can be a seed for generating the future world. The Great Teachers are Cosmic Creators, but every thinker can also become a creator of good. Supermundane I, 176
11. The path of construction is absorbing, but it can be vouched that the steps of self-denial will also bring joy. Precisely the beauty of Cosmos brings selflessness closer into the consciousness.
The feeling of Cosmic loneliness is but the realization of direct paths, as only in this consciousness can man fly into other worlds, helping others for their sake alone. Illumination, II:IX:4
12. I give this farewell bidding to the disciple: “Let thy prayer be: ‘Thee, O Lord, I shall serve in everything, always and everywhere. Let my path be marked by the attainment of selflessness’.” When the disciple realizes in his heart the joy of the path, a path which knows no friction because all is transformed in the joy of Service, then it is possible to open before him the Great Gates. Fiery World III, 7

13. The strongest index of achievement is self-renunciation. Indeed, it is necessary to understand this cosmic concept in all its beauty. Not only on the field of battle is the spirit adorned with the power of selflessness. To traverse the path of life impetuously, to cross all lives as upon a wire, to pass over all abysses in song, is possible only for the selfless spirit. All structures which follow the cosmic designation are erected in fiery striving.
Let us look at the life of a hero of the spirit. From early years the spirit knows the Highest Guide. The manifestation of a sacred Guardian is its life’s destiny. Physical and spiritual pre-eminence do not cloud the consciousness. Self-education is a manifestation of the synthesis. The realization of one’s own superiority has given the spirit firmness and tolerance toward society. All manifested talents have been displayed in inspiration, to the wealthy and the poor, to the seekers and the enlightened ones. The hero of the spirit has known a Higher Protector, therefore he has given strength to others. The Higher Law has directed him to the rudder, and visibly or invisibly he has become a fiery hero. Thus has proceeded the mighty “Lion of the Desert.”
Thus has been strengthened the great law of self-renunciation. Striving toward the higher powerful cooperation has given a direct contact with the cosmic forces and with the Highest Fiery Brotherhood. This direct link has been given only through a Higher Designation. When amidst the jungles of life the spirit knows the direction, then truly the world’s resound. On the path to the Fiery World let us manifest understanding of true selflessness. Fiery World III, 75
14. Humanity must select the most firm paths. All mechanical discoveries merely demonstrate the need of the power in man himself. Let us be solicitous toward everyone who can bring to humanity his best strength. And let us be grateful to the Brothers, who untiringly bring realization of psychic energy. On this path there has to be much selflessness. Brotherhood, 62

15. Many miracles are around us; we must only notice them. Verily, wonderful is the life of a disciple. But it is not so easy, for he carries a tremendous responsibility and there are so many difficulties, especially in the days of Armageddon when all the dark forces try to attack him. But with the development of consciousness these very difficulties become joyous because the heart is so full of devotion to the Teacher and wants to prove in reality this devotion by overcoming all the difficulties. Self-sacrifice becomes so natural, so full of joy. The whole spirit is already separated from earthly things and realizes where its true home is. The only thing left is an ardent desire to fulfill the mission as well as possible, to justify the confidence of the Teacher, without any care for the results. They say in the East, “We must work without thinking of results.” I understand it this way: we must learn to do our work as well as we can because of love and not for the reward. Only then will our work be beautiful. The key to all achievements is in such selfless love for every work we undertake. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 27 January 1933
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