The Titanic Entity Within.

Within us all sits a being of unlimited Awareness, -an ocean of Wisdom gathered through previous kalpa’s during earlier manifestations through out the eternal past. The ”unfoldment of the Divine Principle with us  is an Eternal activity stemming from distant Cosmic sources of which it is feeble for an average human being               { Even a High Initiate }-  to try and grapple with, for it is far beyond the scope of our present faculties to fully understand ,and will only be fully realized during the next Solar System  which  will be ruled over by the 1st Ray.

”The Ceaseless Breath” brings everything into manifestation ,- it is the out breathing of that—–                  ”One about  Whom  Nought can Be Said”.            We all will , as Souls, Be engaged in  an constant and Eternal activity of ”becoming” ,-in other words if the Universe is in a state of constant ”Expansion ,-then ,as Occultist’s,  We must not forget the ”Law of ”Correspondences and Analogy” then so to is our sense of Self Awareness as to  who We are at any given point in evolutions in it’s ”ceaseless flow”

Lesson I’ve have learned-  ”Greatness” is eternally evolving Entity —  THE SELF- That which sits within US ALL!!