We Returning Once Again and Again

                                                                                                 By;- Mike j Hughes                                                                                                                             

41cd4-b1cba9006649d0cd75d3e2c2b66bc996Being back has its pleasures and disappointed parts to play. My next incarnation will be more colorful ,and I will have earned the right to really be someone who can have a profound impact on the Entire Human Race . We all are capable of Being in Right Human Relationships.
We are ourselves the ”The Event Horizon ” . We One Day , will grow , and learn to Shine. We are the Lords of the Flame of MIND, [manasic ] We ”shed ” our cells all the time. The Army of the Voice takes this human refuse and weaves it into new Bodies for those Brethren not so advanced as ourselves , but Nevertheless the Climbing Higher ,- That is. a Higher Turn of the Spiral.

The Spiritual Teachers of the future will live in Right Human Relationships , Tolerance , respect those of all races , creeds , religions , and see the inner conditioning factors that have scared a many in the past thousands of years . Humanity is rapidly developing a growing mental body. The next phase of our development is to overcome our viciousness , envy , shallow existence, and take to do our inner growing. A close watch of our responsiveness to ourselves and all life everywhere , the keeping of a Daily Journal can be very helpful over time

Just a momentary Entertaining of the”Muttering Mind”,- and the stream of thoughts and their various strange shapes , and beautifully haunting sounds , high pitch rings that come ,then fade away in much the same way a ‘tuning fork’, slowly diminishing over about 1 minute . I have researched all uncanny phenomena as a spiritual occultist for many years. Through my research, I heard and read much on this nocturnal activity . Most of it is upon the astral planes. For example, you will be on the verge of sleeping ,- then all of a sudden I hear a deep loud thud or explosion within my head. At other times, I will be lying on my bed to sleep ,- then I would hear some voice call my name very fast and loud .

All This phenomena has been with me throughout my entire life ,- even as a young Elementry school kid . I am now almost 50 years old, and coming up with my own theory’s – like the Theosophic ”Astral-Bell” that announces the arrival of a disembodied Human Being or some other being karmically connected to you in the past . There are millions of people today who have been Adepts of the Left Hand Path during the 4th Root Race of Atlantis. The Ones who are not sleeping , but know of their ancient past are the Real Black magicians. Isn’t Life Strange…..