Dangers in the Dark. By;- Mike j Hughes

It is extremely important to have a good and powerful level of soul contact when embarking upon the path of magic , mastery,  and Self -Realization. As a young occultist I have always done my research when investigating the various levels of the astral planes.
I have known of many unstable humans who have had their lives absolutely destroyed by careless dabbling into the dark aspects of the occult,-  who had no self control while performing various and highly dangerous forms of black magic. Many young people through out the last few decades have paid dearly for their foolish and careless investigations into the most profoundly wicked and deeply evil operations of black magic, and have brought upon themselves untold horrors and evil influences that have ruined the lives of even those around them who have had nothing to do with the occult what so ever.
I have read and researched ,- from credible resources  of many young people thinking that to get involved with Satanism , rebellion,drugs,sexual depravity, and evil was cool and an “in-thing“to do, not having any idea of the dark forces ,and the evil shades of once human beings who have lived bad lives, who are attracted to all of similar vibration who are of weak moral character inciting many to commit unspeakable crimes and unbelievable depravity.
I know of cases in which those of weak wills have dabbled in the black arts while taking powerful drugs who have gone mad . A few years ago there was a case of a young man who got mixed up with a Satanic cult who was arrested for a variety of sex crimes of a revolting kind.
He was investigated and questioned by police . While sitting in an interrogation cell He gouged out his own eyes and held them in his hands while he bled to death muttering in a strange unknown language.
There are various group of human beings who are mediumistic and scattered all Throughout the world unaware of this fact. We have all heard of people who have gone on a killing spree and have committed acts of an evil nature,- and when the deeds are done the person who performed these gruesome acts have no recollection of how they could have committed such wicked deeds,- who have become so confused that they end up committing suicide because they can not live with themselves knowing they have become so passive in an unnatural and unhealthy way, giving way for some very evil acts that some kind of being is “telling them“ to do, and are tormented life after life wondering why they have committed such unspeakable acts.
There are those who have mental illness“ claiming to have urges“ to do things that are not apart of their nature,- who are in need of help from a spiritual source of which science has no understanding.
. If you had etheric vision, and , you were down in some skid row area,or in the vicinity of some other unwholesome place,- you would see that these areas are infested with beings who resemble the gnomes, trolls,ghouls,demented fairies,wicked human shells,- and as well as the dirty and down right filthy brownies.

Those who study the dark side of the occult know of black magicians who have left a trail of death and insanity behind them,- going back through many past incarnations and who present a menace by twisting and manipulating the forces of nature to their own selfish and deeply evil inhuman desires.
Their are black magicians who specialize in ruining the reputations of those who are lingering themselves on the verge of depravity. Such was a case back a few years ago in Vancouver when a man of about the age of 60 , struggling with alcohol issues ,trying to put his life on good grounds, was caught red handed on Christmas Eve performing an act of buggery with his own six year old grandson in front of his whole family, who ,through shock, and under the influence of alcohol themselves, became so enraged that they beat him for hours , slitting his throat, and stabbing him 167 times and dumping his mangled body in the Frazer River. Three of the family members who took part in his murder hanged themselves over the next 8 months. The whole thing was terrible indeed and ruined so many family ties through untold grief and agony of mind.

The lower astral planes are populated with those who have had powerful and depraved addictions. Even though now dead, are still driven with violent impulses that causes them to be attracted to those who are still living with the same powerful addictions and so become attached through affinity of vibrations in order to quench their lust for the same filth and depravity they relished during their last earthly incarnation.
These lowest disembodied human parasites will stop at nothing. They will incite others of weak wills with similar addictions to commit unspeakable acts of vile, cruel, and unnatural wickedness against the living , by so doing they can re-live and relish in their UN-holy abominations against the living.
Every member of the human family must learn to take responsibility for their own actions. Those who flirt with the dark side of the occult will only heap upon themselves the working out of evil karma that will cover so many countless incarnations of unimaginable suffering , great agony of mind, and a hellish existence of their own creation.

There are groups all over the world that are involved with all forms of black magic who tread the “Left Hand Path“of evil and extreme selfishness that reach heights of a morbid and UN-natural state that is very destructive in the lives and the surrounding environment.
With the coming in of the 7th Ray of Ceremonial Magic and Order we can expect an increase of both the good and bad aspects of the human condition. All that is vile ,evil, and UN-natural, along with that which is good and virtuous are rising and coming into manifestation onto the astral , physical, and mental planes where it can be resolved and dealt with before entering the new era of human evolution during the next 2.500 years of the Aquarian dispensation.

For untold eons man has been deeply influenced by the forces of evil released into the world by the “Lords of Materiality“. These beings are those known as the ones standing in a state of “spiritual wickedness in high places“,and have worked through many evil human beings in positions of power who have sought to distraught and destroy the work being done by those who stand for the power of Love, goodwill, and world cooperation towards bringing the New Age of spiritual evolution into a higher state of activity within the three worlds of human endeavour .





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Mistaken Ideas Concerning the anti-Christ.

Over the years I have heard and read  so many very strange ideas as to who and what the anti- Christ  is. The Fundamentalist Christian groups throughout their many ,and seemly endless denominations have so many ideas as to the function and activity they call the anti-Christ. During my lifetime I have known about 453 people who were sure,- according  these “fanatical fundamental Christian groups“ to be the anti-Christ ,;-and ,,as usual ,non of them ever  panned  out to be so. I would have to say that many of these Christian Groups are very confused ,and have not the understanding of the metaphors regarding the end of the age.

Many groups of Christianity and their like have this idea that the Christ will only come at the end of the world, [ Why He should come then I have no idea!!]!!. I would have to say however that fanatics of “Fundamental Christianity“ have  very confused ideas concerning issues of which they have no understanding, and have become  bigots and judgemental to  any other forms of spirituality  , as if they themselves have the monopoly over any thing considered as religious and spiritual. “Fundamental Christianity“groups   are not the only bigots who think that they are the best ,and “chosen people“ ,“radical Islam“with it`s terrorism  as well is just another dirty shirt in a whole number of other generic and “self righteous“fanatics that are  perverting their faith,  and who are preaching and teaching the less evolved units of the human Family on the art of a so-called “Holy War“ ,of which there is no such thing anywhere in  heaven and earth.

Most of the religions in the Middle East are ruled over by the-“ 6th Ray of Abstract Idealism“-which is now waning in its power and influence within the Human Kingdom. To the fundamentalists the anti-Christ is a man that will come to create a “one world government “[ridiculous Idea!!!] ,who will charm humanity,and who will promise a great deal to humanity and  turns out to be the devil Himself .

It is now the right time that the peoples of the world come better aquainted to a clear understanding of who and what the anti-Christ really is. According to the “Ageless Wisdom Teachings“the anti-Christ“ is an energy that is deliberately released into the world to destroy, shatter, and do away with the old form,s and ways of living that are preventing the flow of new life and synthesis to transform our world , producing a glorious civilization as the energy of Aquarius waxes ever so powerful with each and everyday .

This war between the forces of Light and the Dark Brotherhood raged on the astral planes for many thousands of years ,going back during the Fourth Root Race, between those who are the embodiment of the Lords of Materiality, and those who were aligned with the forces of Light.. This battle between the forces of evil and the Spiritual Hierarchy eventually ended up in a stalemate . Atlantis was a great civilization before periodically ,over thousands of years,, finally disappearing below the Atlantic ocean . After the great cataclysm and destruction of the Fourth Root Race ,mankind was left to defend for itself until such a time when the mental body became more highly developed, with  the goal of  achieving mental polarization and clear focus.

During the latter half of the Atlantis civilization , much of that we know as sex magic and black magic had reached a stage of unbelievable horror from today’s standards . It was during this phase that much of the diseases that man now suffers dearly from were generated ,and much of the morbid and fascination we have about sex had it`s origins. Many of us are suffering from an over load of evil karma due to causes that were generated during those long ago ages while incarnated in atlantean bodies with it`s many root races and civilizations that came and went over a duration of about 12 million years.

The anti-Christ manifested itself  two thousand years ago through the Emperor Nero, who embodied the energy we know as the anti- Christ that brought forth the utter destruction of the Roman Empire and prepared the way for Christendom for what then would be the beginning two thousand years of the age of Pisces .The destructive forces of evil were released again during our own time through Adolf Hitler and a group around him who were profoundly wicked and very deeply evil men in Nazi Germany, a group around Mussolini , and a group of militarists in Japan . It was through this axis of evil that set loose the destructive energy to prepare for the new age of Aquarius .

Like I have said ,; this war went on raging upon the astral planes for many thousands of years until ,during our time, it had precipitated onto the physical planes from 1914 – 1945 . Hitler and many of those around him were the returning incarnations of the black magicians of Atlantis , while  the allies representing the forces of Light. Adolf Hitler was a highly evolved man when it came to “spiritual wickedness in high places“ and had attracted the attention of the Dark Brotherhood who used and overshadowed him during his moments of public speaking,, mesmerizing and fascinating the masses until everyone was caught up into a diabolical fever of hatred and utter destruction.

Those who read the Bible will see in Revelations where it says that the beast is chained for a time and then half a time. The “time“ is meant as the age of Aquarius , for the next 2000 years. Now when it says that the beast is released for a“ half a time“ is referring to the final Armageddon that will break out from the mental planes during the middle half of the age of Aquarius ,and that is what is meant in the Bible about “half a time“ . So the final war between the forces of good and evil will take place about 3200 years .


The Struggle Towards our Innate Divinity.

Their is  an ever growing group of human beings living , and or now, coming into incarnation – who`s hearts are aflame with humanitarian aspirations to improve the awful and depraved conditions of which life on this planet  is now passing through,- with all the suffering, war, corruptness, and the ongoing agony of mind everywhere to be seen . A growing body of men and woman from all walks of life are   now at last  beginning to communicate, and are banding together to prepare for the biggest event in human history, – preparing the way for the “Coming One“,- The World Teacher- Maitreya,  and-  The Elder Brother of Humanity. Their are millions of humanitarian aspirants at this time who knowingly, or un-knowingly are working and labouring selflessly for this coming Global Event.

The ever-burning aspiration will climb higher with each incarnation until the hour strikes!! Do not despair my Friends , for we all must play the game of Life if we are to regain our lost , and that so ancient Divinity that brings with it memories of Radiance and Cosmic Bliss.

This is the goal for the spiritual evolution of all humanity, – so remember my dear Friends, that we are all in this together . We all Dream Big Dreams. ,…each and everyone of us in the course of our long evolutionary journey will always aspire for better times . And they are a coming.!! Until we have learned all that can be experienced here on Earth we will continue to reach..and fall…..reach and fall….reach and fall………..Until the hour strikes.!

A Great man is not born, a Buddha is not born, a Christ is not born, a Leonardo da Vinci is not born, and neither is a Plato, Jon Anderson, George Washington,..and so on. No they are not just born as flukes or freaks of nature. I say again , they are not Born,…..but are -made- and have evolved through aeons of suffering through countless incarnations.

If we too are to regain this lost Greatness and Awesome Divinity then we must earn it through  aeons of  lives  , of self,SACRIFICE, ,service, and suffering. Remember you can not  reach out  and give compassion ,or embrace Humanity with your Divine Love to others until you yourself have endured every form of suffering their is under the sun. This  will  take many thousands of incarnations , -but through our efforts as individuals we can speed up this process by service, trust, selfless  giving , study, giving,  right Human Relations , and sharing the resources of the world, and so on .

Many Esoteric Schools posit the idea that man will reach the acme of spiritual development only during the nth sub-race of the nth Root Race. This is just a thoughtless overlook so to speak…obviously..? However their are those even now who have achieved full adept ship , and have elected to remain with Humanity and to work under Great exalted Beings such as the Silent Watcher who name can now be given and known as Sanat Kumara- He has many names,- “Youth of Endless Summers“, “Ancient of Days“, “The Great Sacrifice“, “The Dark Hidden Father“, The Morning Star“, and the “Silent Watcher.“

As many of you may know , ..this planet is a great experiment ,  and has been converted to adapt to conditions whereby many lifeforms came into existence. But unfortunately many became failures even after millions of years of evolution. This planet was once the point of a great “cosmic failure“, and many dumb,-or rather “mindless races“roamed the Earth long before We, as the “Sparks of Angelic Divinity“ Fell from our High abode and took incarnation into what was then animal man. We are fallen and incarnated Angels who did not leave  our High Abode out of rebellion,- but rather as a Great Sacrifice to make  primitive men at that time a thinking, rational, cultured , and refined Human beings.