Thoughts Are Things. By;- Mike j Hughes

Over our troubleIt is well-known that within 8 seconds of meeting some one we have already made an opinion as to who they are ,whatever that may mean!. It is very important that we see eye to eye with no disguise, that we may see the Light in each others eyes, and that brotherhood is a living reality and the rule to live by. On a soul level wherein our Higher Self resides, lies the Titanic Greatness we all share.
Within the mind belt upon the lower mental planes is a dark cloak of negative and highly destructive energy that man himself has energized and created over many eons through violent, misuse ,and insane abuse of the substance of the lower mental planes. It now stands that this god awful mess is of our own doing. The karmic result of such crimes on the mental planes have resulted in many various diseases,- the terrible agony of mind of which we see in the cases of mental illness , the heavy fate of insanity which is the lot of so many human beings throughout human history ,and so up to our present time as a suffering ,confused, and frightened humanity.
The work of dissolving and healing the harm of all the insane thought forms will be slow , tedious, painful, and arduous over the eons to come. As the race of men become increasingly polarized on the mental planes, and when humanity learns,- and can understand the fact that “thoughts are things’ ‘that can harm or heal,;then, and only then , will the race of men become true magicians knowing the laws of correct thought from building for the working out the “Plan;; on earth and become as co-creators of the Divine Universal Mind.

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Lovecraft and the Dweller on the Threshold. Mike j Hughes

Lovecraft and the Dweller on the Threshold.

A necromancer in communication with the shade.
A necromancer in communication with the shade.

I have come to know of  Lovecraft’s work about 5 years now and have read many of His books and listened to the many audio books handed over to the public domain.
It goes without saying that He was a little bit of an oddball. However He was a very good writer , and was living within His astral nature and of the creative imagination.
As an occultist myself I have come to a conclusion of sorts in regarding Him as an astral sensitive .

Like the greater bulk of humanity today  He was polarized within His astral – emotional body.
However , I think He had limited Himself to only to one certain aspect of the lower  astral worlds.
He was an astral sensitive to the lower regions of the astral worlds ,and took a little peep into the realms of the lower worlds and came into contact with beings upon the demon evolution,- as well as other strange evolutionary life streams  within the aura of our planetary life and Logo’s.

According to my occult intuition Lovecraft had some kind of morbid obsession with the denizens of the lower astral planes wherein dwells the shades of the dead, ”Dark Angels”, the dark elementals , demented fairies , dead and  aborted  evolutionary pathways due to failures of many sorts , and profoundly influenced by the moon, which is a psychic corps and the decaying shade of our now  indwelling planetary life,- or Logo’s. The moon is our planetary lives’ last incarnation ,and is now a corps.

Lovecraft’s inner sight upon these lower astral planes gave Him the inspired awakening to write about His experiences of what He knew of these lower astral planes where endless forms of astral wildlife thrive and have their being.

A Unique Window of Opportunity . By;- Mike j Hughes

I must say we are living in the midst of very interesting time ,unlike any other era since the ”Golden Ages” of the 4th Root Race of Atlantis.

Humanity is coming of age , and will demonstrate it’s inner Divine potential, that will change, revolutionize, and lift the hearts and minds of Men and Woman,- everywhere!!

Every human being has a gift , or a set of great talents to contribute to the glorious new civilization that is already , in some aspects,- beginning to precipitate onto the physical, astral, and throughout the fabric of the lower mental planes in the form of transcendent ideologies that have the best interest in the earthly and spiritual well being for ALL peoples of the world.
Over the next two or three decades we are all going to grow , and come to very amazing and awesome understanding about what glorious beauty awaits all who serve their fellow man with reverence and deep humility as to the preciousness of life itself .

Yes , we are living through amazing and beautiful times,- and many are taking advantage of the window of opportunity that now remains open to all who feel they are ready to pass through the rigorous tests and trials of initiation.
Out of the 6 billion human beings now in incarnation, – there are about 4 – 5 billion who now stand on the very threshold of the first Initiation, and are about to take their place as members of the spiritual hierarchy and become the ”savours” , and the ”pillars” in their communities .
Millions now await the ”Elder Brothers ” of humanity to begin the Externalization of the Spiritual Hierarchy ,- and most of all the one whom so many Love as the elder brother of all humanity ,- the One we here in the West know as the Christ, or -World Teacher – . His personal name is – Maitreya – , and He was the first of our Earth Humanity to pass through the ”Gates of Initiation’ ‘and to hence become the embodiment of the LOVE – WISDOM aspect of Divinity.

My Beloved Brothers and Sisters ,- I am here to let all know that Maitreya now walks amongst the Sons of Men, His Heart is flaming and ever ready to open,- to embrace all humanity during it’s greatest time of need.
The intolerable suffering and agony of mind everywhere has created a profound , powerful, and invocative cry for help amongst the peoples of the world. The collective need ,- the cry of humanity , and the window of opportunity,- is our chance, to join hearts , minds, and hands , -that We ALL together may pass through the Gates,- to thus enter the Age of the greatest, the most highest fulfilment , and achievements of the most noble inner , and un-selfish ”World Without End”

I wish you all the highest form of Divine Reason
….to Love unconditionally

Your Friend and colleague…
Mike J Hughes.