Crosses of Light by- Mike j Hughes

Signs of Maitreya Presence in the World
Signs of Maitreya Presence in the World

These Crosses of Light began appearing  in late 80s or 90s . Many types of window pane can ‘’appear’’ to have a cross due to the way light is manipulated  by the glass. However when this phenomena began the crosses were radiantly giving off Healing energies of remarkable degree all over the globe , heightening peoples  aspirations , giving off a peaceful  deep seated profound understanding into Ones Inner Self Realization  the nature  insight of the coming ‘’World Teacher’’ in whom all advanced units of Humanity know as The Lord Maitreya

He announced  His presence in the world ‘ long ahead of time’, that   is  due to the fact that human technology is reaching a very critical and dangerous level , and the fact that He and the Masters of Wisdom   are getting ready in  walking amongst ‘’The Sons Of Men’’  for the first time 95.000 years  to offset and ‘’foil’ the ‘’Lords of Materiality’’  in spreading universal death throughout the world.

There are Dark Corners around the Globe where ‘’psychic evil’ is leaking into  our world  and  menacing  the  Men  of Goodwill , – not much …..but enough.!!

There are about 3 ‘’Doors Where Evil Dwells’’ that are still ajar ,- one in the United States , 2nd – Eastern Europe ,and 3rd in The Radical Zionist Sphere . It will take yet many thousands of years { 3 or 3.5 thousand years} , – Therefore the Human Race will have One more Great battle between between the forces of good and evil sometime in the distant future that will make all wars of the past look like child’s play.

This will be the final Armageddon , and Man will triumph over Matter.