The Long Conflict. By;- Mike j Hughes


WW2 was an emergence of evil that was left over from the 4th root race of Atlantis beginning at about four million years ago.

Many of the most profoundly wicked and very deeply evil men around ADOLF HITLER were the same beings who contributed in the total destruction of the massive Atlantean continent which sunk below the Atlantic Ocean through a series of catastrophic earthquakes over a period of 4 million years and climaxing about 11 thousand years ago.

During those long ago ages man was given in to evil and sexual abominations of the worse kind.

Thus came into existence the Black Lodge and the “Lords of Materiality“who were invoked through mans giving in to black magic , thus becoming the toy-things of primitive and dark blind forces for which he was not equipped to handle.

The Lords of Materiality  found many of the “sons of men“ willing to cooperate with their rather dark and sinister agenda to enslave mankind and to establish the Kingdom of Darkness upon this man-bearing planet,- thus   becoming a powerful and menacing force to those of the spiritual Hierarchy with the original PLAN for human evolution upon this globe.

A great war between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness that was waged for countless thousands of years.

The Lords of Materiality  did all they can to foment their ill will upon the race of men by intermingling their substance with both the human kingdom and as well as the Deva kingdom, creating monsters ,abominations, and many other creeping things that were not fit , nor belong to anything involving the original Plans for natural evolution upon this planet.

The great Atlantean conflict raged on the inner planes long after the end of the 4th root race  and  precipitated onto the physical planes ages later once again during our time between 1914- 1945 .

The anti-Christ energies were now focused through Adolf Hitler and a group around him in Nazi Germany , -a group of militarists in Japan, and a further group around Mussolini in Italy. The Axis powers represented the Forces of Evil while the Allies represented the gathering of the Forces of Light.

Through much suffering , endless sacrifices ,and  agony of mind  the Forces of Evil were sealed off to their own domain and the war was won.

I though that my occult insight may enlarge and give a deeper understanding as to the origin of all the horror, evil, hate,and all unholy conflicts that have , for eons infested our planet and the Hearts and Minds of humanity for so long.

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