The Greatest Duty. By,- Mike j Hughes

Indeed knowledge is power. This is why some of the greatest mysteries of life must remain occult, –,or esoteric.
There are many careless and unwise human beings who would use higher esoteric learning for very selfish reasons and would bring danger upon themselves and their surrounding fellow human beings and their

Only those who have developed a fair measure of soul contact , and who are serving their fellow man with self-less love and wisdom can be trusted with real occult insight as to the working out of ”The Plan” as it issues forth from that Great Centre where the ”will of God is known”, ;- Shamballa,- where the ”Lord of the World” – Sanat Kumara has His dwelling on the highest of the etheric planes .
Some day , when man has developed etheric vision, this Divine centre will be known and acknowledged .

Stay in tune with your highest and most unselfish aspirations , and you will surly enter through the ”Gates of Initiation”
The World Teacher – Maitreya has said —
”Take your Brothers need as the measure of your action , and solve the problems of the world”