Make it known – a compilation. By;- The Master Through Benjamin creme

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An excerpt
We present a selection of quotations on the theme of “Make it known”. The quotations are taken from Maitreya (Messages from Maitreya the Christ), Benjamin Creme’s Master (A Master Speaks), and Benjamin Creme’s writings.
Make known to all that I am here, and pave smooth My Path. My Plan is to release into the world a certain Teaching, which will show men that there exists a new approach to Living, a new way forward into the future time. May you be among the first to recognise Me, and through you I may work. Take upon yourselves this task. There is none higher which you could do in this life. Commit yourself to this work and serve your brothers. (Maitreya, from Message No.5)
Tell all who will listen that the Expected One is here, ready to begin, openly, His Mission. That He relies on the men and women of goodwill to work with Him for peace and justice, freedom and love. Tell them this. Tell them that Maitreya has the simple answer for the world’s woes. That sharing will engender the trust that will open the door, and the hearts of men, to blessed peace. Then will you see the flowering of the human spirit in brotherhood and co-operation. Then will the problems and blockages melt away, overcome in overflowing goodwill. (Benjamin Creme’s Master from ‘The ending of war’)
Many today rejoice at the promise which My Presence brings, but many more by far await still these glad tidings. Take upon yourselves, My friends, this task: Make it known that I am here, and embrace My Cause. Work thus for your brothers and know the joy of Service.(Maitreya, from Message No.115)
Maitreya has said that the most important thing you can do at the present time is to make His presence known. It is the number one priority for all spiritual groups who can believe it at any level – either as total, or even as five per cent, conviction that it is true. Then you are helping Maitreya, and … helping your own evolution: there is, inevitably, a karmic benefit from every spiritual action you make. (Benjamin Creme, SI, September 1993)
The time is short before [Maitreya’s] open appearance. Take heart from this and quicken your service on His behalf. Make known that He is among you and stir the hearts of those who know not yet these glad tidings. Fulfil your purpose and redeem the promise which you, long ago, have made. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘The wonder at the door’)
The opportunity to work for the transformation of the world, for the saving of humanity, the lower kingdoms, the Plan of Evolution, is a gift of grace, an opportunity never before offered to so many. I know it is easier to believe than to act on the belief, but if you believe it at any level, make it known at that level. This will be the only opportunity you will have to do that. When Maitreya comes forward, millions of people will gather round Him, the world will be transformed really rather quickly – but you have the chance to know beforehand, and to create the climate of hope and expectation which is required. (Benjamin Creme, SI, October 1999)
Make it your task to tell men that I am here, that I am working for them, for their future, for the future of all men and all things in the world. Make known My Presence among you, and be delivered of all that is useless in the past. Make known My Presence, and be assured that My Love will flow through you and light a path before you for your brothers and sisters. Do this work and help them and Me. My task is but beginning. When completed, I shall look back on this time as one of kindling Light in the hearts of the few who sought to serve their brothers. May you be one of them. (Maitreya, from Message No.6)
***          Share the news of Maitreya-. The World Teacher.-
Many are the ways to serve but one among all today has priority: the Christ needs your willing help. Tell the world of His presence and His imminent emergence and aid Him more than you could know. Build together the thoughtform of this event and create a climate of hope. More than anything, this will ensure His smooth re-entry into a troubled and chaotic world. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘The people’s voice’)
We are living in momentous times; I cannot say it strongly enough. This is a time unlike any there has ever been before. I doubt if this particular opportunity for service has ever been presented to a group before. Many times in His Messages Maitreya has said: “This is an opportunity for service unlike ought seen before.” If He says it, you can be sure it is a reality. Never have so many people had this opportunity for service, this opportunity – at their level – to do something of major importance. That is why groups like this should recognize the opportunity, and the privilege given by it, to do their very best to live up to the opportunity presented and not waste it in competition or greed, or simple self-awareness and self-contemplation – which everyone has moments of but which, with dedication to the work, should be very rarely seen.(Benjamin Creme, The Art of Co-operation)
My plan is that you should see Me soon. With your help this may be so. I require the creation of a certain trust, an expectancy and hope. In this way no force need be used. My Law forbids such force. Therefore, My friends, the task is yours to grasp. Make known the fact that I am among you and create the climate in which shortly I may be seen. That will not be as difficult as you might think, for mankind today stands on the verge of a revelation of its true nature and worth. My Presence among you makes this so. Your brothers will thank you for the work you do. (Maitreya, from Message No.58)

Many there are who accept and believe that the Christ is in the world, who await impatiently His emergence into the open, yet who do no more than wait and wish, leaving the work of preparation to others. Sad it is that thus they waste the opportunity to serve uniquely at this unique time, a time like none before and none to follow.

My earnest wish for these is this: that they seize this opportunity to be of service to the Christ, and to their brothers and sisters who know not yet that He is among us. Tell them what you believe: that the Great Lord is here; that Maitreya knocks loudly upon the gate. Very little time remains to do this and prepare them for this precious experience. Seize the time and act. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘The requirements of the future’)
Carefully, under Law, do I show My face. Naught obstructs this progress but the creation of a pool of Hope, an air of expectation. Create this, My friends, and help My Cause. Make known the fact of My Presence to all who will listen, and welcome the New Time. Confirm for yourselves the reality of My Return among you and begin the building of the New World. I invite you to share with Me in this vital task and to enter into the Higher Service. Many among you are afraid to speak. Many hope that My Presence may indeed be true but fear the laughter of their brothers. My friends, your brothers need the hope that this message brings, to lift them once again into the Lighted Way. Spare not your efforts on My behalf, and share with your brothers that which you believe. No higher work can you do for Me. (Maitreya, from Message No.125)

I am 100 per cent convinced because of my experiences over the years but even if you are only 5 per cent sure – do what I am doing – make it known to the best of your ability – tell people, talk to the media, write articles, hold meetings! Tell everyone who will listen that this event is happening. Simply tell what you know, or what you believe.

If you are somewhat convinced (it doesn’t matter if you do not know all the answers, just say you don’t know)
tell what you believe. In this way you are bearing witness and people will listen to you. They may not necessarily be convinced, but they hear the information. Their minds become more open to the possibility. That is the important thing. (Benjamin Creme, SI, September 2003)
If you would serve Me and serve the world, make known, My friends, that I am here. In this way can you build the sure wall of Hope against which the tide of fear will beat in vain. (Maitreya, from Message No.69)
The importance of being alive at this time is that it provides to all the opportunity to serve the Plan and the planet as never before. No one, today, should feel excluded from this unique opportunity, however humble or restricted their circumstances – the planet belongs to all and the Plan involves all. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘The choice is man’s’)
Maitreya, Himself, stands at the door, His hand uplifted to knock. His signs increase apace as He awaits recognition. Welcome Him to your heart and ease His entry; let Him work through you. Remember that your brothers, also, deserve to know the Great News; leave them, and your sisters, not in the dark. We have reached the eleventh hour. The destined time is upon us. The long wait is all but over. Harness now your strength for the great work ahead. The times are as never before. The angelic myriads tremble in expectation. Maitreya’s warriors for Truth tighten Their girths and assemble behind Him. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘Maitreya at the door’)
I began to be a Spokesperson of Maitreya , and  the Other Masters of Wisdom many years ,- since about 1987 and still have not lost my enthusiasm .  M.H
When you see Me, you will know that I have been always with you, never far from your awakened heart. Know this and that in this coming time I shall never leave you, shall be with you always, to the end of the Age. The time is short indeed till God’s day of triumph. Believe this and work as one to tell the world that I am among you. Do this for Me, My friends, and know the true joy of service to your brothers. I call on you to make known at this late date that I, the Lord of Love, now walk among you. My friends, the time is short. Many hands and many voices are needed to proclaim this truth. I know already those on whom I may count. A final effort, My friends, and all will be as I have promised.(Maitreya, from Message No.137)          Share the news of Maitreya
It is my dream to see Maitreya come forth on the Day of Declaration,- 2025 would seem  more  likely.
The ”delays ‘ are of our doing , Those  who know and are somewhat active in this service  are not doing what really needs to be done  . But that is only a part of the problem.          Share the news of Maitreya                  Lucis Trust.  Esoteric Study, Alice . A . Bailey.    The 24 Books By Alice A Bailey and D.K      World Goodwill Site.    A collection of almost 1000 online articles, organized by topic     List of Spiritual -Occult- Theosophy Links.
This page contains a variety of audio recordings including Messages by Maitreya, lectures and talks by Benjamin Creme, and public radio interviews. These recordings contain energetic blessings by Maitreya and can be experienced by the listener during playback.            Space Brothers ,- Here to Help.

Messages from Maitreya #11

Message No. 11

January 5, 1978                                                                   This Link above  will Take You to a Site Explaining What is Afoot.

My dear friends, I am happy to be with you once more.

My plan is that My Teaching should precede My Presence and prepare My way. My people will release it through their groups and group endeavour. When mankind is somewhat  prepared, My voice shall be heard.

Meanwhile, My efforts are bearing fruit, producing change, drawing together men and nations, and bringing new hope to the world.

I am emerging soon, but first I would point the way into the new direction which man, if he would survive, must take.

Firstly, men must see themselves as brothers, sons of the One Father. This is essential if they would progress one step nearer the Godhead. Throughout the world there are men, women and little children who have not even the essentials to stay alive; they crowd the cities of many of the poorest countries in the world. This crime fills Me with shame. My brothers, how can you watch these people die before your eyes and call yourselves men? My plan is to save these, My little ones, from certain starvation and needless death.

My plan is to show you that the way out of your problems is to listen again to the true voice of God within your hearts, to share the produce of this most bountiful of worlds among your brothers and sisters everywhere.

I need your help, I call on you to aid Me in My Task. How can I stand aside and watch this slaughter, watch My little ones die? No, My friends, this cannot be. Therefore I am come quickly among you once more, to show you the way, point the Path. But the success of My Mission depends on you: you must make the choice —- whether you share and learn to live peacefully as true men, or perish utterly. My heart tells Me your answer, your choice, and is glad.

May the Divine Light and Love and Power of the One Most Holy God fall now upon your hearts and minds. May this Light, Love and Power lead you to seek That which dwells in silence within you. Find That and know that you are Gods.



We Can ALL Go Far.

By- Mike j Hughes
 Brothers and Sisters ,- engage yourselves in the   Human Altruism  that  does not ”choose  sides” that  work out for only one group  of people .and shunning all others.  – Because that is the ”Heresy of  Separativness .”-
Altruism gives you a warm comforting sense of reality , …and  , in time – a  strong  Pillar within your ”sphere of Influence”. 
If this Human Civilization does not begin to lose the whole concept  of money, gold ,   ego , and the  idea of material advancement , then we are all preparing for our own doom by our own hands.                If We truly want     peace  and a Global Civilization,   [ not Government!! ]   – then yes indeed We will have to  temporarily, at least, lose our value of  gold  until we all have all settled and adapted ourselves  to living  and pioneering a New Human Civilization that is truly Beyond War.

As we know things are getting very tense in the Middle East ,- and we have the problem of how to handle those fleeing for their lives because of some ”infidels” who call themselves ”I.S”.
These very  small selfish creatures have perverted their faith, and committed murder , rape , beheadings ,- all in the name of their god -[ or their devils ] , and thus justify their deeds in the name of  a Holy Man and Spiritual Teacher,-  Mohammad .
Remember always ,- the fact that these terrorists are using and perverting a Spirituality that they  do not even have the merit  nor deserve to be called members of Islam.
Groups like this are all over the world , and they need to hurt others so they can sexually climax , and thus pass judgement on others in order to make themselves feel better.          Share the news of Maitreya                  Lucis Trust.  Esoteric Study, Alice . A . Bailey.    The 24 Books By Alice A Bailey and D.K  – Theosophy and Occult.      World Goodwill Site.    A collection of almost 1000 online articles, organized by topic     List of Spiritual -Occult- Theosophy Links.

This page contains a variety of audio recordings including Messages by Maitreya, lectures and talks by Benjamin Creme, and public radio interviews. These recordings contain energetic blessings by Maitreya and can be experienced by the listener during playback.