The Contemplative Observer. Living a Life of Service.. By;- Mike j Hughes.

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I have many reasons to go through life without a family , job , debts , ,-  a rather recluse at times . The entire race of Humanity ,- or rather more accurately,- ”the generic bulk” of the human stock has far to tread  , and the ages will come and go.

As for myself , I am on Disability for a number of reasons, – and all that free time would cause many peoples gifts and talents to atrophy,… if not exercised and developed.

I know for a fact that I have a chance in using all my free time of this present incarnation in exploring and developing the ”Human Potential” , to withdraw into that innermost place where the sweet ”Voice in the Silence” can be heard , it’s presence known , accepted , and the source of  inspiration, driving me onward to live a creative, and altruistic life based on self-less service ,- such is the duty of all treading the ”Path” .

Having so much time on my hands encouraged me to be a force for Good , and to serve all who come  within my sphere of influence .

I have done my share of work for a lifetime , ….and now only wish to settle my life into a new daily routine as a ”Contemplative Observer”.

As a humble member of the ”New Group of World Servers” I use my time in such a way as to ”fit” into , and to adapt to my surroundings , get to know all the people within my growing and encompassing awareness , to let My Light shine by sharing using my ”Craft” in simple virtues , and by helping all within My ”Sphere of Influence”

It has become a slowly developing ”Craft” I’ve been fostering all my life ,- having acquired much from countless past incarnations

Within the  inner chambers of every human being are to be found all we ever learned, saw , know , and rich in the experiences’ and acquired wisdom that still remains hidden within the depths of that inner Divine Self, and Solar Angel,- our Angelic Self, and ”Higher Self”’.

The average Human beings today don’t have much time , { or have no desire } to learn and explore ones inner most Self.

The greater bulk of humans,- at this present stage of human evolution , have not  come into a closer relationship and the soul to soul telepathic rapport .

For one who contemplates and observes can come the discovery of countless abilities, profound peace, and the eventual mastery of oneself and the forces of the elemental s within the Bio-Sphere in which we all live , move , and have our being. .


As early as I can remember all those many years ago, – I have always been fascinated by the occult Mysteries of the ages , and from all parts of this great Earth.

I find the books written by ,- H.P. Blavatsky , Alice . A . Bailey , Agni-Yoga Teachings of the Master Moray, and those of The Master Koot-Hoomi, very uplifting , – and stimulates my innermost aspirations as I rise up higher in

As a young chap in Elementary School I was a rather ”loner” who would spend my lunch hour sitting alone in a

field and enjoying the solitude that left much time for contemplation . I never knew it at the time , but as I look back to those distant past years of my childhood , – what I was doing , on many occasions, was plain and simple meditation.

Later ,- when I was about 14 years of age I did begin to do deliberate Self-Guided Meditation in my room while still living with my Parents . Sometimes my meditation would last Until about 3 A.M when I would normally fall asleep, and awake again at about 7;30 A.M to get on my way to School.

My mid-teens were difficult indeed , as well as a stressful time when , it seemed, I had to prove myself , or to someone what I am made of .

High School was the time when I began to build a reputation as a sort of respected ”Odd-Ball” and would be constantly peppered with all sorts of questions,- yes I was , in some respects an unusual Teen-age guy who read all sorts of books , and was known for my seclusion, and deep ”Bookishness ” ..

I hope to be a beacon of light to all who search as I do ,- the innermost mysteries of that which lies deep within us all.