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Paintings By- Benjamin Creme’                                                          By;- Mike j Hughes.

Entering a Golden Age By;- Mike j Hughes            The Flaming Diamond (2)
‎Tuesday, ‎January ‎14, ‎2014
I have often sat in my chair in front of the fire for meditation and contemplation,- and many hours I began to learn to ”step out” released from the limitations of the physical body, later I would record my inner activity as best as I can. I write all my published all My essays as they come, I treat the subject while clean-headed ,….or whatever that means . I am not under drugs while writing anything like major essays All blessings from Heaven . done
All students will soon experience an inner awakening , however’ these are psychic ”growing pains”  as well as the result of the Manastic [mind ], or Ageless Wisdom Years from now you will understand  must keep a track record of any phenomena that may be taking place within the astral – emotional,..or within the various levels of the mental planes.
Students must prepare themselves ,and develop a kind of detachment , and not to identify with anything that is not the ”SELF”.
Each time we dive deep into meditation we centre ourselves and expand , ever so slowly ,evolve towards a measure of real soul contact.
The Divinity within each and everyone is the ”ONE TRUE SELF”- … that is ,we all share the same potential to become whatever we wish to be according to the needs of the present world conditions.

I must say’   , that all men and women of Goodwill throughout the world are now learning to ”Stand in Spiritual Being”,   and they are  ”old souls” who have devoted and tread ”THE Path” through the inner Higher Self ,-  until I BECOME   THE PATH.are being instructed to stand as pillars of virtue and high aspiration and sow the seeds of powerful but yet profound thought forms that will enable humanity to climb out of the thick fogs of glamour , and to wrestle his way into a greater measure of Light and clear understanding to meet the new challenges ahead of us all.
Those of a developed sense of intuition can sense the heaviness of low astral mental vibrations.

For all those working towards a ”One World community’s{ not a world government!! } are now living in an age of unbelievable opportunities .
Over the next few thousand years we will see millions finally treading the PATH by the taking of the First Initiation , thus setting His feet upon ”The Path” ,-..and ever further into the super-human kingdom.
Never forget the importance of regular meditation. Meditation is’ more or less a scientific method of getting into contact with one’s own soul.
The first delicate glimpses of an acquired soul contact will produce within oneself a desire to serve his fellow-man in some way,- and for the good and the soul within,- this is the line of least resistance.The more we give out our own Light the more we receive the Love ALL deserve.

As a second Ray soul of Love – Wisdom , I have found my ”sphere of Influence”  My Path of service seems to be in the field of Sociology, art, relationships , compassion, esoteric psychology , healing , intuition , the spiritual teacher , and all that concerns the inner development and flowering forth of all that is virtuous ,- thus leading to unbelievable human Greatness that will surely precipitate a ”Golden Age” for all Humanity.
The pain, suffering, wars, the great agony of mind , high-level stress , along with the appalling condition of our present human relationships has now reached an all-time low , primitive , and all out depravity as we wonder around throughout the ”wilderness phase”,- trying to find the meaning of life itself.

We all have a part to play in the unfolding of the planetary Logo’s ”Plans”- , and who uses this man-bearing Globe in much the same way we humans use and work upon the physical plane within our body of Clay.
During deep meditation,  with 1 to 2 ….3   come , then it is a  Trance Meditation
In distant cycles ahead this Planet will Blaze Forth with the Brilliance of a Beautiful Diamond.  [ as Ben Creme’   says . ] Share the news of Maitreya

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We Returning Once Again and Again

                                                                                                 By;- Mike j Hughes                                                                                                                             

41cd4-b1cba9006649d0cd75d3e2c2b66bc996Being back has its pleasures and disappointed parts to play. My next incarnation will be more colorful ,and I will have earned the right to really be someone who can have a profound impact on the Entire Human Race . We all are capable of Being in Right Human Relationships.
We are ourselves the ”The Event Horizon ” . We One Day , will grow , and learn to Shine. We are the Lords of the Flame of MIND, [manasic ] We ”shed ” our cells all the time. The Army of the Voice takes this human refuse and weaves it into new Bodies for those Brethren not so advanced as ourselves , but Nevertheless the Climbing Higher ,- That is. a Higher Turn of the Spiral.

The Spiritual Teachers of the future will live in Right Human Relationships , Tolerance , respect those of all races , creeds , religions , and see the inner conditioning factors that have scared a many in the past thousands of years . Humanity is rapidly developing a growing mental body. The next phase of our development is to overcome our viciousness , envy , shallow existence, and take to do our inner growing. A close watch of our responsiveness to ourselves and all life everywhere , the keeping of a Daily Journal can be very helpful over time

Just a momentary Entertaining of the”Muttering Mind”,- and the stream of thoughts and their various strange shapes , and beautifully haunting sounds , high pitch rings that come ,then fade away in much the same way a ‘tuning fork’, slowly diminishing over about 1 minute . I have researched all uncanny phenomena as a spiritual occultist for many years. Through my research, I heard and read much on this nocturnal activity . Most of it is upon the astral planes. For example, you will be on the verge of sleeping ,- then all of a sudden I hear a deep loud thud or explosion within my head. At other times, I will be lying on my bed to sleep ,- then I would hear some voice call my name very fast and loud .

All This phenomena has been with me throughout my entire life ,- even as a young Elementry school kid . I am now almost 50 years old, and coming up with my own theory’s – like the Theosophic ”Astral-Bell” that announces the arrival of a disembodied Human Being or some other being karmically connected to you in the past . There are millions of people today who have been Adepts of the Left Hand Path during the 4th Root Race of Atlantis. The Ones who are not sleeping , but know of their ancient past are the Real Black magicians. Isn’t Life Strange…..

Do Not Ever Underestimate Yourself.

By;- Mike j Hughes.

Lucis Trust.

Put some time aside and dive into a deep research into this most beautiful contemplations with an open mind ,-…and if your intuition is well-developed you will indeed begin to have an insight , – and come to a realization that it is now time to UNLearn the low , shallow , and Social Conditioning that has shaped and moulded who we think we are .

Don’t ever under-estimate yourself , or cut yourself short due to past failures and human weakness we all go through time after time .

I am working on a paper that may shed Light on the most important , and valuable profound subject I Hope will help those who are living short stunted lives . Within ALL Human Beings there resides a sleeping Titan ,- and this is who we truly are.

This Divine Titan within us all had achieved things so glorious and so incredibly cosmic in their origin that it would be a feeble attempt indeed to in any way to comprehend. – We,- and our Higher Selves, Titans , or Buddhas , so to speak ,- are the ”Returning Lords of the Flame. The Returning Buddhas from a previous solar system.

Yes within all sits that Divine Titan bathed in cosmic splendour and radiance .

This Spark of Divine Fire still sleeps within the greater bulk of humanity today. This simply means that ,as yet , most have not yet awakened and aroused this Higher Living Principle within them due to ignorance and various cultural and ideological conditioning.

This my friend is the cause of all suffering and agony of mind imaginable . A Great Divine Being is never “just born“, but has become wise and so incredibly advanced through countless eons of suffering , trials, and testing throughout many man-bearing globes of our evolutionary chain.

Within Each and every one of us is an exact replica of the entire cosmos , and its Creator,- who lives forever within us,- as us

As the cosmos ever expands upon its macro cosmic scale,throughout eternity, then , through an esoteric corresponding analogy is the human conscious awareness in an everlasting state of Becoming.

Humanity is slowly raising its conscience ,- and as the eons come and go , we begin to come to the true meaning of ”Self Realization”. Within us all sits a Divine Being , a Buddha, and a Titan that is not active within the bulk of Humanity today. The greater bulk of Humanity at this time has passed through countless hundred of thousands of incarnations ,…along with a load of Karma good and bad.

Many think that if your hooked on drugs , engaged in depraved activity , and all that is worse. I know what you are going through , I’ve been there many times before myself . After many years , or many lives we begin to be quite saddened , and may even begin to care for little. If we can take a few moments everyday to devote to that part of yourself , to contemplate the High and Divine origins of that we call the Soul , your very own ”Higher Self”, the sleeping Buddha within you.

Remember you must learn to play the hand you have been dealt with to the very end .Your last incarnation is the foundation upon which your present incarnation is the result. Now we can begin to understand how our present incarnation will affect our next life , and on and on and on and………

I personally see all the suffering desire has caused in our world. Those of us suffering with deep-seated addictions have more or less been using for many lifetimes , and it is this class many of us fall into and discover at some young period of our incarnations time after time again and again. Most Egoic Units will , after hundreds of lifetimes begin to move on to better things as we begin to have higher callings that are of an altruistic and useful to our fellow-man .

These rather simple exercises will help in the unfoldment of that Spark of ‘Divine Cosmic Fire’ that reside in each and every Human Being. always remember you are not the various shells that make up the temples incarnate within while in incarnation,- these are 1- the physical body, – the astral-emotional body , and the two-fold mental bodies. Remember the fact that you are not these limitations that you have taken incarnation within. Each and everyone is a Star. However everyone is at their own stage of manifesting the Divine Life of God, For that is what you are.

Remember Friends , don’t be so sad seeing yourself as a failure. We all have lessons to learn for ages to come ,- through many future incarnations. You all have within you that Divine Fire , of an eternal becoming throughout the Cosmos. Share the news of Maitreya Lucis Trust. Esoteric Study, Alice . A . Bailey. The 24 Books By Alice A Bailey and D.K – Theosophy and Occult. World Goodwill Site. A collection of almost 1000 online articles, organized by topic List of Spiritual occult Theosophy Links.

This page contains a variety of audio recordings including Messages by Maitreya, lectures and talks by Benjamin Creme, and public radio interviews. These recordings contain energetic blessings by Maitreya and can be experienced by the listener during playback.

To Be Over.By- Mike j Hughes

Lucis Trust.


Isnt’ life strange. Over the last year or so my inner spiritual Self took control over my lower earthly ego by  limiting my actions , such as not eating and fasting.  The sun has not shined upon me for many months . As a result I have gone pale with a lack of energy and motivation,- not to mention that I am on a Benzodiazepine taper  to get me off those damn things  that have made me a slave to addiction and sadness.

Withdrawing from Benzodiazepine  is the worse.  I would rather go through  opiate withdrawal for 6 months  instead  , than 3 days of Benzo withdrawal  . This is how bad these pills  are.  I have been addicted to these ”tranquilizers  from Hell ” for about 20 years  and they did provide me with comfort and a driving force to get my body in such a relaxed state that allowed me to  loosen my astral body from the limitations of this physical body ,which is a prison that presents a big limit for the soul to express itself on the physical plane.

For a couple of years it indeed worked  like a charm allowing me to explore  various levels of the astral planes during my daily meditations , pouring out my blessings and Goodwill  to all mankind. Soon I became addicted to these infernal drugs and always needed more to get to the same level as before during meditation.  When I ran out ,- I began to withdraw and it made my life full of hellish nightmares. It then hit me like a bombshell as I would go through withdraws  worse than anything I could ever imagine . I needed help for this stupid habit I acquired over the years.

I am now beginning to recover now , but it will take a long time for my body to switch  back to its natural and healthy default, thus swinging back into a healthy rhythm once again and to get back into altruistic service to humanity a little wiser than before. I still smoke a little herb now and again to get my appetite back , along with my artistic imagination , and creating better contacts with those who have learned the highest values regarding spiritual development.  I am even looking younger than I ever expected.


Simple Altruism

Simple Altruism. By;- Mike j Hughes Maitreya             201212_light_cross_krasnodar1_opti - Copy

I am doing much better,- went shopping in ”Chinatown” and picked up all sorts of herbs and special tea that contain all kinds of ”unmentionable ingredients”,- but WOW!!…my energy level is high with a sound mind.
Some of these ancient medicinal herbs work better than many of these anti-depression medications ,-which to my mind are heavy and clumsy way in controlling bi-polar, or depression ….a sort of pseudo science .
I know that the Mind is quite independent , and continues to reel and think long after the ”Post Mortem” state”.
I have been at study in the world of the occult,- I.E- ”hidden knowledge” for years now,- and I can say that We are not a ”superstitious” group of students. If I , or a group, with whom I have been working with stumble across some ”phenomena” of sorts ,-…We then follow the same tried and strict rules those in the Medical , Scientific , as well as those in the fields of Law Practice use….. ,- which is to ”Rule Out” , or ”eliminate” all that may be in the obvious , or ones own biased point of view , mental disorders , or ones own astral imagination , atmospheric conditions , – and so on, with research , common sense and comparing notes until we reach a logical conclusion,-… as students of the occult.
For many years now we have been with groups who are dedicated to the work of fostering and stimulating the energy of Goodwill throughout the world, and making our message very simple indeed ,- that being world cooperation ,and the sharing of the worlds resources in a world of plenty;- will create trust between all the various Races now evolving upon this Planet. The so-called ”Illuminati” is beginning to crumble – { Don’t ask me to prove it-, just do your dam homework and research as you read the paper everyday}, due to the fact that it is not having anything to do with the ”Plan on Earth” as Maitreya has said. Maitreya is now in incognito , and is working 24 -7 always .
Our main job is making known the fact that the ”World Teacher’ ‘is soon to make a reappearance amongst the everyday world of human civilization, and to show humanity that the problems of our world are very serious yet solvable . Return of the Christ- 5 stars

The Detox Shuffle. By;- Mike j Hughes.

For some time now I have been struggling with a very wicked addiction .  I have almost got it beat ,- albeit with triggers, cravings, feeble minded  excuses ,   and so on  popping up everywhere.  Over the last few weeks I have periodically been  suffering from a powerful nerve agitation  due to a  ”double withdraw” from opiates and  benzo –  diazepam  use for the last 15 years ago .

Last month I checked myself into  a Detox  here in Vancouver ,  and was in there for about ten days or so.

tox  for over 20 years ,  and much has changed regarding group therapy , some have been discarded such as the   mandatory  12 Step ”meetings” .

Rather than treating  all patience  as one ”collected entity” ,  they  have  began letting  all  residents  do more or less what they wanted and thus have given  addicts rather a time to think back  in a retrospective way , – and really contemplate  and  give thought  as to ones future  course  in life , –   as they struggle  into a greater measure of Light.

I am being monitored by Doctors who specialize  in addictions of all sorts,  and have been given medication to help as I learn to wean off these powerful addictions that has really mucked up my life .

I have as well experimented with  mind altering plants that have  provided me with very deep esoteric insights that I will forever cherish and meditate on ,- as they have led me onto the Path of Service , – selflessly given,- and it is this which has given so much meaning to life as I understand it.

I know the struggle will be long and hard. It will be along the lines of meditation , contemplation,  and to exercise the spiritual  virtue of becoming more de- centralised  ,  thereby  transcending  the  limitations of the lower carnal personality  , becoming  members of that growing inner group that tend as  the  stimulus   revealing   humanity’s potential for ”Greatness” .

Losing oneself in the service to others human needs ,-is indeed the best medicine that has kept me sane   all these years ,- ..and  all these years of human suffering have not  made me to hate no living thing . As I have been told  ; – ” Hate destroys the soul of anyone who tries to teach it ”    -..this I know . –

The Divine  Presence  Within  ALL men  ,- The Born less One ”, Having no Beginning of Days , and no End of Days .

We all share a common  bond  within this Great , Living Being ,- that Being the Earth Itself , which we live , move , and have our being.                        —   This I know.- —

Through the activities of the New .Group. of World Severs ;-                           N.GW.S ;-

Working for this group has opened great vistas before me  ,   SEEING  Humanity as a whole with every man, woman  and child taking on  the  responsibility for keeping  the ecology clean and   protected  from those that would  but molest  , and commit dirty acts  for personal profit.

Big Changes. By;- Mike j Hughes

It seems as if every time I go into a deep meditation I am bombarded by strange visions of the near , and the far distant future .
Some time ago I was meditating one night and did enquire to my Parent Star, or – my ” higher self” , what my old stomping grounds will look like two thousand years into the future.

I live here in the city of Vancouver British Columbia all my life , and was very concerned as to how the terrain and general geography will look like two thousand years from now.

As is my way, ; I sat in my big chair and intoned the
” Great Invocation” , next I slowed down My heart rate and commanded the ” elementals” within my ‘sphere of influence’ to bring their activities to a very quiet and calm activity.

During my meditation , I have tapped into future visions for the City of Vancouver.
My first vision was in regards to the Burrard Inlet , which, to my amazement will not exist over the next few hundred years or so.
This suggests to me that the Burrard Inlet has been filled in , and was filled in artificially to connect North Vancouver , and thus provide valuable Real-estate for a growing city , – of which the filled in Inlet will make possible .

During my vision I looked at what is now Richmond , Delta , Queensborough , and a few other places , and it appears that some sort of seismic activity has thrusted these low-lying flat-lands upward a few hundred feet or so.
To my amazement I noticed that Vancouver Island was now attached to the mainland ,- and I did take note of the fact that there were roads of some kind that went from Vancouver – to Victoria without any water to cross.
So beautiful indeed was the sky which I found to be so clean , pure , and a dark blue in which even some stars could be seen in the clean smog less daytime sky.

As I ended my meditation I became aware of the fact that there was no noise pollution , and the air was not so thick with stress , feeble minded people , and loathsome cheap commercialization , which , to my mind, – has destroyed life in the West. We all have seen the devastating events of September 11 , 2001 , ….. and seen the results of a profound corrupt commercialization when America was stricken by the ”Lords of Karma”, I.E –
[ The Law of cause and Effect}.
The living standards in the developed world , and those in poverty stricken and undeveloped places around the world , – must give way to a sense of unity and fairness.
Every man , woman , and child , has the responsibility in the gradual healing and transformation of our ‘Planet’ as a living, breathing , and a Self – Conscious ”Being” with a high degree of Cosmic vision that is beyond our understanding.

Sharing the resources of the world is , and will, produce more stability and constructive activity that will be along the lines of ‘ right human relationships’ based on sharing and Trust.

I Bless ALL humanity regardless of Race , Colour , Religion , or no Religion , Greatness will emerge from all peoples,- Hate Destroys the Soul of anyone who tries’ to Teach It.

A Unique Window of Opportunity . By;- Mike j Hughes

I must say we are living in the midst of very interesting time ,unlike any other era since the ”Golden Ages” of the 4th Root Race of Atlantis.

Humanity is coming of age , and will demonstrate it’s inner Divine potential, that will change, revolutionize, and lift the hearts and minds of Men and Woman,- everywhere!!

Every human being has a gift , or a set of great talents to contribute to the glorious new civilization that is already , in some aspects,- beginning to precipitate onto the physical, astral, and throughout the fabric of the lower mental planes in the form of transcendent ideologies that have the best interest in the earthly and spiritual well being for ALL peoples of the world.
Over the next two or three decades we are all going to grow , and come to very amazing and awesome understanding about what glorious beauty awaits all who serve their fellow man with reverence and deep humility as to the preciousness of life itself .

Yes , we are living through amazing and beautiful times,- and many are taking advantage of the window of opportunity that now remains open to all who feel they are ready to pass through the rigorous tests and trials of initiation.
Out of the 6 billion human beings now in incarnation, – there are about 4 – 5 billion who now stand on the very threshold of the first Initiation, and are about to take their place as members of the spiritual hierarchy and become the ”savours” , and the ”pillars” in their communities .
Millions now await the ”Elder Brothers ” of humanity to begin the Externalization of the Spiritual Hierarchy ,- and most of all the one whom so many Love as the elder brother of all humanity ,- the One we here in the West know as the Christ, or -World Teacher – . His personal name is – Maitreya – , and He was the first of our Earth Humanity to pass through the ”Gates of Initiation’ ‘and to hence become the embodiment of the LOVE – WISDOM aspect of Divinity.

My Beloved Brothers and Sisters ,- I am here to let all know that Maitreya now walks amongst the Sons of Men, His Heart is flaming and ever ready to open,- to embrace all humanity during it’s greatest time of need.
The intolerable suffering and agony of mind everywhere has created a profound , powerful, and invocative cry for help amongst the peoples of the world. The collective need ,- the cry of humanity , and the window of opportunity,- is our chance, to join hearts , minds, and hands , -that We ALL together may pass through the Gates,- to thus enter the Age of the greatest, the most highest fulfilment , and achievements of the most noble inner , and un-selfish ”World Without End”

I wish you all the highest form of Divine Reason
….to Love unconditionally

Your Friend and colleague…
Mike J Hughes.

The Greatest Duty. By,- Mike j Hughes

Indeed knowledge is power. This is why some of the greatest mysteries of life must remain occult, –,or esoteric.
There are many careless and unwise human beings who would use higher esoteric learning for very selfish reasons and would bring danger upon themselves and their surrounding fellow human beings and their

Only those who have developed a fair measure of soul contact , and who are serving their fellow man with self-less love and wisdom can be trusted with real occult insight as to the working out of ”The Plan” as it issues forth from that Great Centre where the ”will of God is known”, ;- Shamballa,- where the ”Lord of the World” – Sanat Kumara has His dwelling on the highest of the etheric planes .
Some day , when man has developed etheric vision, this Divine centre will be known and acknowledged .

Stay in tune with your highest and most unselfish aspirations , and you will surly enter through the ”Gates of Initiation”
The World Teacher – Maitreya has said —
”Take your Brothers need as the measure of your action , and solve the problems of the world”