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Paintings By- Benjamin Creme’                                                          By;- Mike j Hughes.

Entering a Golden Age By;- Mike j Hughes            The Flaming Diamond (2)
‎Tuesday, ‎January ‎14, ‎2014
I have often sat in my chair in front of the fire for meditation and contemplation,- and many hours I began to learn to ”step out” released from the limitations of the physical body, later I would record my inner activity as best as I can. I write all my published all My essays as they come, I treat the subject while clean-headed ,….or whatever that means . I am not under drugs while writing anything like major essays All blessings from Heaven . done
All students will soon experience an inner awakening , however’ these are psychic ”growing pains”  as well as the result of the Manastic [mind ], or Ageless Wisdom Years from now you will understand  must keep a track record of any phenomena that may be taking place within the astral – emotional,..or within the various levels of the mental planes.
Students must prepare themselves ,and develop a kind of detachment , and not to identify with anything that is not the ”SELF”.
Each time we dive deep into meditation we centre ourselves and expand , ever so slowly ,evolve towards a measure of real soul contact.
The Divinity within each and everyone is the ”ONE TRUE SELF”- … that is ,we all share the same potential to become whatever we wish to be according to the needs of the present world conditions.

I must say’   , that all men and women of Goodwill throughout the world are now learning to ”Stand in Spiritual Being”,   and they are  ”old souls” who have devoted and tread ”THE Path” through the inner Higher Self ,-  until I BECOME   THE PATH.are being instructed to stand as pillars of virtue and high aspiration and sow the seeds of powerful but yet profound thought forms that will enable humanity to climb out of the thick fogs of glamour , and to wrestle his way into a greater measure of Light and clear understanding to meet the new challenges ahead of us all.
Those of a developed sense of intuition can sense the heaviness of low astral mental vibrations.

For all those working towards a ”One World community’s{ not a world government!! } are now living in an age of unbelievable opportunities .
Over the next few thousand years we will see millions finally treading the PATH by the taking of the First Initiation , thus setting His feet upon ”The Path” ,-..and ever further into the super-human kingdom.
Never forget the importance of regular meditation. Meditation is’ more or less a scientific method of getting into contact with one’s own soul.
The first delicate glimpses of an acquired soul contact will produce within oneself a desire to serve his fellow-man in some way,- and for the good and the soul within,- this is the line of least resistance.The more we give out our own Light the more we receive the Love ALL deserve.

As a second Ray soul of Love – Wisdom , I have found my ”sphere of Influence”  My Path of service seems to be in the field of Sociology, art, relationships , compassion, esoteric psychology , healing , intuition , the spiritual teacher , and all that concerns the inner development and flowering forth of all that is virtuous ,- thus leading to unbelievable human Greatness that will surely precipitate a ”Golden Age” for all Humanity.
The pain, suffering, wars, the great agony of mind , high-level stress , along with the appalling condition of our present human relationships has now reached an all-time low , primitive , and all out depravity as we wonder around throughout the ”wilderness phase”,- trying to find the meaning of life itself.

We all have a part to play in the unfolding of the planetary Logo’s ”Plans”- , and who uses this man-bearing Globe in much the same way we humans use and work upon the physical plane within our body of Clay.
During deep meditation,  with 1 to 2 ….3   come , then it is a  Trance Meditation
In distant cycles ahead this Planet will Blaze Forth with the Brilliance of a Beautiful Diamond.  [ as Ben Creme’   says . ] Share the news of Maitreya

This page contains a variety of audio recordings including Messages by Maitreya, lectures and talks by Benjamin Creme, and public radio interviews. These recordings contain energetic blessings by Maitreya and can be experienced by the listener during playback.

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Mistaken Ideas of the anti-Christ.

‎01/‎10/‎2011               By;- Mike j Hughes
Over the years have heard and read so many very strange ideas as to who and what the anti- Christ is. The Fundamentalist Christian groups throughout their many ,and seemly endless denominations have so many ideas as to the function and activity they call the anti-Christ. During my lifetime I have known about 453 people who were sure, according to these “fanatical fundamental Christian groups“ to be the anti-Christ -and ,as usual ,none of them ever panned out to be so.
I would have to say that many of these Christian Groups are very confused ,and have not the understanding of the metaphors or regarding the end of the age.
All groups of Christianity have this idea that the Christ will only come at the end of the world, [ Why He should come then I have no idea!!]!!. I would have to say however that fanatics of “Fundamental Christianity“ have very confused ideas concerning issues of which they have no understanding, and have become bigots and judgmental to any other forms of spirituality , as if they themselves have the monopoly over ALL thing considered as religious and spiritual.
“Fundamental Christianity groups are not the only bigots who think that they are the best ,and “chosen people“ ,“radical Islam with it`s terrorism as well is just another dirty shirt in a whole number of other generic and “self-righteous fanatics that are perverting their faith, and who are preaching and teaching the less evolved units of the human Family on the art of a so-called “Holy War“ ,of which there is no such thing anywhere in heaven and earth. However, many gravitate to this level
Most of the religions in the Middle East are ruled over by the-“ 6th Ray of Abstract Idealism“-which is now waning in its power and influence within the Human Kingdom. To the fundamentalists, the anti-Christ is a man that will come to create ,who will charm humanity,and who will promise a great deal to humanity and turns out to be the devil Himself .
It is now the right time that the peoples of the world come better acquainted to a clear understanding of who and what the anti-Christ really is. According to the “Ageless Wisdom Teachings the anti-Christ“ is an energy that is deliberately released into the world to destroy, shatter, and do away with the old form,s and ways of living that are preventing the flow of new life and synthesis to transform our world , producing a glorious civilization as the energy of Aquarius waxes ever so powerful with each and everyday .
This war between the forces of Light and the Dark Brotherhood raged on the astral planes for many thousands of years , back during the Fourth Root Race, between those who are the embodiment of the Lords of Materiality, and those who were aligned with the forces of Light.

This battle between the forces of evil and the Spiritual Hierarchy eventually ended up in a stalemate . Atlantis was a great civilization before periodically ,over millions of finally disappearing below the Atlantic ocean . After the great cataclysm and destruction of the Fourth Root Race ,mankind was left to defend itself until such a time when the mental body became more highly developed, with the goal of achieving mental polarization and clear focus.

During the latter half of the Atlantis civilization , much of that we know as sex magic and black magic had reached a stage of unbelievable horror from today’s standards . It was during this phase that much of the diseases that man now suffers dearly from ,were generated , much of the morbid and fascination we have about sex had it origins. Many of us are suffering from an over load of evil karma due to causes generated during those long ago ages while incarnated in Atlantean bodies with many root races and civilizations that came and went over a duration of about 12 million years of Atlantean development.

The anti-Christ manifested itself two thousand years ago through the Emperor Nero, who embodied the energy we know as the anti- Christ that brought forth the utter destruction of the Roman Empire and prepared the way for Christendom for what then would be the beginning two thousand years of the age of Pisces .The destructive forces of evil were released again during our own time through Adolf Hitler and a group around him who were profoundly wicked and very deeply evil men in Nazi Germany, a group around Mussolini , and a group of militarists in Japan . It was through this axis of evil that set loose the destructive energy to prepare for the new age of Aquarius .

Like I have said , this war went on raging upon the astral planes for many thousands of years until ,during our time, it had precipitated onto the physical planes from 1914 – 1945 . Hitler and many of those around him were the returning incarnations of the black magicians of Atlantis , while the allies representing the forces of Light.

Adolf Hitler was a highly evolved man when it came to “spiritual wickedness in high places“ and had attracted the attention of the Dark Brotherhood who used and overshadowed him during his moments of public speaking, mesmerizing and fascinating the masses until everyone was caught up in a diabolical fever of hatred and utter destruction.

Those who read the Bible will see in Revelations where it says that the beast is chained for a time and then half a time. The “time“ is meant as the age of Aquarius , for the next 2000 years. Now when it says that the beast is released for a“ half a time“ is referring to the final Armageddon that will break out from the mental planes during the middle half of the age of Capricorn ,and that is what is meant in the Bible about “half a time“ .

So the final war between the forces of good and evil will take place about 3200 years . This ,my friends, is the correct function of the forces of evil, or anti-Christ, and they are on the involutionary path and have an important role to play in the economy of earth ,such as the holding up the matter aspect of the planet by tending to the fires at the center of this planet . Strange thing it is that they are not always content with the involutionary path ,and, their activity will over flows onto the evolutionary arch of which we are a part. There is no way man, can protect himself from a powerful overflow of evil ,and the Masters and the Lords of Civilization must step in to counter these powerful forces and protect humanity from the friction ,[ evil] produced by the involutionary arc and the evolutionary arc.

We Can ALL Go Far.

By- Mike j Hughes
 Brothers and Sisters ,- engage yourselves in the   Human Altruism  that  does not ”choose  sides” that  work out for only one group  of people .and shunning all others.  – Because that is the ”Heresy of  Separativness .”-
Altruism gives you a warm comforting sense of reality , …and  , in time – a  strong  Pillar within your ”sphere of Influence”. 
If this Human Civilization does not begin to lose the whole concept  of money, gold ,   ego , and the  idea of material advancement , then we are all preparing for our own doom by our own hands.                If We truly want     peace  and a Global Civilization,   [ not Government!! ]   – then yes indeed We will have to  temporarily, at least, lose our value of  gold  until we all have all settled and adapted ourselves  to living  and pioneering a New Human Civilization that is truly Beyond War.

As we know things are getting very tense in the Middle East ,- and we have the problem of how to handle those fleeing for their lives because of some ”infidels” who call themselves ”I.S”.
These very  small selfish creatures have perverted their faith, and committed murder , rape , beheadings ,- all in the name of their god -[ or their devils ] , and thus justify their deeds in the name of  a Holy Man and Spiritual Teacher,-  Mohammad .
Remember always ,- the fact that these terrorists are using and perverting a Spirituality that they  do not even have the merit  nor deserve to be called members of Islam.
Groups like this are all over the world , and they need to hurt others so they can sexually climax , and thus pass judgement on others in order to make themselves feel better.          Share the news of Maitreya                  Lucis Trust.  Esoteric Study, Alice . A . Bailey.    The 24 Books By Alice A Bailey and D.K  – Theosophy and Occult.      World Goodwill Site.    A collection of almost 1000 online articles, organized by topic     List of Spiritual -Occult- Theosophy Links.

This page contains a variety of audio recordings including Messages by Maitreya, lectures and talks by Benjamin Creme, and public radio interviews. These recordings contain energetic blessings by Maitreya and can be experienced by the listener during playback.

Do Not Ever Underestimate Yourself.

By;- Mike j Hughes.

Lucis Trust.

Put some time aside and dive into a deep research into this most beautiful contemplations with an open mind ,-…and if your intuition is well-developed you will indeed begin to have an insight , – and come to a realization that it is now time to UNLearn the low , shallow , and Social Conditioning that has shaped and moulded who we think we are .

Don’t ever under-estimate yourself , or cut yourself short due to past failures and human weakness we all go through time after time .

I am working on a paper that may shed Light on the most important , and valuable profound subject I Hope will help those who are living short stunted lives . Within ALL Human Beings there resides a sleeping Titan ,- and this is who we truly are.

This Divine Titan within us all had achieved things so glorious and so incredibly cosmic in their origin that it would be a feeble attempt indeed to in any way to comprehend. – We,- and our Higher Selves, Titans , or Buddhas , so to speak ,- are the ”Returning Lords of the Flame. The Returning Buddhas from a previous solar system.

Yes within all sits that Divine Titan bathed in cosmic splendour and radiance .

This Spark of Divine Fire still sleeps within the greater bulk of humanity today. This simply means that ,as yet , most have not yet awakened and aroused this Higher Living Principle within them due to ignorance and various cultural and ideological conditioning.

This my friend is the cause of all suffering and agony of mind imaginable . A Great Divine Being is never “just born“, but has become wise and so incredibly advanced through countless eons of suffering , trials, and testing throughout many man-bearing globes of our evolutionary chain.

Within Each and every one of us is an exact replica of the entire cosmos , and its Creator,- who lives forever within us,- as us

As the cosmos ever expands upon its macro cosmic scale,throughout eternity, then , through an esoteric corresponding analogy is the human conscious awareness in an everlasting state of Becoming.

Humanity is slowly raising its conscience ,- and as the eons come and go , we begin to come to the true meaning of ”Self Realization”. Within us all sits a Divine Being , a Buddha, and a Titan that is not active within the bulk of Humanity today. The greater bulk of Humanity at this time has passed through countless hundred of thousands of incarnations ,…along with a load of Karma good and bad.

Many think that if your hooked on drugs , engaged in depraved activity , and all that is worse. I know what you are going through , I’ve been there many times before myself . After many years , or many lives we begin to be quite saddened , and may even begin to care for little. If we can take a few moments everyday to devote to that part of yourself , to contemplate the High and Divine origins of that we call the Soul , your very own ”Higher Self”, the sleeping Buddha within you.

Remember you must learn to play the hand you have been dealt with to the very end .Your last incarnation is the foundation upon which your present incarnation is the result. Now we can begin to understand how our present incarnation will affect our next life , and on and on and on and………

I personally see all the suffering desire has caused in our world. Those of us suffering with deep-seated addictions have more or less been using for many lifetimes , and it is this class many of us fall into and discover at some young period of our incarnations time after time again and again. Most Egoic Units will , after hundreds of lifetimes begin to move on to better things as we begin to have higher callings that are of an altruistic and useful to our fellow-man .

These rather simple exercises will help in the unfoldment of that Spark of ‘Divine Cosmic Fire’ that reside in each and every Human Being. always remember you are not the various shells that make up the temples incarnate within while in incarnation,- these are 1- the physical body, – the astral-emotional body , and the two-fold mental bodies. Remember the fact that you are not these limitations that you have taken incarnation within. Each and everyone is a Star. However everyone is at their own stage of manifesting the Divine Life of God, For that is what you are.

Remember Friends , don’t be so sad seeing yourself as a failure. We all have lessons to learn for ages to come ,- through many future incarnations. You all have within you that Divine Fire , of an eternal becoming throughout the Cosmos. Share the news of Maitreya Lucis Trust. Esoteric Study, Alice . A . Bailey. The 24 Books By Alice A Bailey and D.K – Theosophy and Occult. World Goodwill Site. A collection of almost 1000 online articles, organized by topic List of Spiritual occult Theosophy Links.

This page contains a variety of audio recordings including Messages by Maitreya, lectures and talks by Benjamin Creme, and public radio interviews. These recordings contain energetic blessings by Maitreya and can be experienced by the listener during playback.

Simple Altruism

Simple Altruism. By;- Mike j Hughes Maitreya             201212_light_cross_krasnodar1_opti - Copy

I am doing much better,- went shopping in ”Chinatown” and picked up all sorts of herbs and special tea that contain all kinds of ”unmentionable ingredients”,- but WOW!!…my energy level is high with a sound mind.
Some of these ancient medicinal herbs work better than many of these anti-depression medications ,-which to my mind are heavy and clumsy way in controlling bi-polar, or depression ….a sort of pseudo science .
I know that the Mind is quite independent , and continues to reel and think long after the ”Post Mortem” state”.
I have been at study in the world of the occult,- I.E- ”hidden knowledge” for years now,- and I can say that We are not a ”superstitious” group of students. If I , or a group, with whom I have been working with stumble across some ”phenomena” of sorts ,-…We then follow the same tried and strict rules those in the Medical , Scientific , as well as those in the fields of Law Practice use….. ,- which is to ”Rule Out” , or ”eliminate” all that may be in the obvious , or ones own biased point of view , mental disorders , or ones own astral imagination , atmospheric conditions , – and so on, with research , common sense and comparing notes until we reach a logical conclusion,-… as students of the occult.
For many years now we have been with groups who are dedicated to the work of fostering and stimulating the energy of Goodwill throughout the world, and making our message very simple indeed ,- that being world cooperation ,and the sharing of the worlds resources in a world of plenty;- will create trust between all the various Races now evolving upon this Planet. The so-called ”Illuminati” is beginning to crumble – { Don’t ask me to prove it-, just do your dam homework and research as you read the paper everyday}, due to the fact that it is not having anything to do with the ”Plan on Earth” as Maitreya has said. Maitreya is now in incognito , and is working 24 -7 always .
Our main job is making known the fact that the ”World Teacher’ ‘is soon to make a reappearance amongst the everyday world of human civilization, and to show humanity that the problems of our world are very serious yet solvable . Return of the Christ- 5 stars

Dangers of Dark Magic

Some of the lower  Imps and elemental s can ,- in most cases be harmless  However they can at times prove to be mischievous in their activities.
For example they  . enter and use these decomposing psychic astral ”shells” in the same way a child will dress up in adult cloths and boots ,- and we have all seen this ridiculous and funny behaviour with our little ones. So the analogy is clear to the student of occultism , – amusing as it is. On these levels of the lower astral planes are also to be found the ”shells ,” wraiths” . and psychic decomposition of all that is worse in humanity, because the real Spirit of those who have gone through the ”death struggle ”, the ”second death” so to say ,- and have left behind alot of astral and psychic energy, sex passion , the animal side of their nature , and of course the remaining evil karma which will follow them in their next incarnation after a long rest in devachan, { or in the heavenly worlds. }  they must return to untangle the mess that the personal egoic  unit has set in motioned on the physical , astral , and mental planes ,- -the realm of human endeavour ,- the very planet itself ,”in which we live , move , and have our being”


The real danger to the  human being is the gathering into their aura ,- or ”sphere of Influence” of unwanted and filthy disembodied human egos who will attach themselves and remain within the students astral body, and to tempt them to do acts of violence , murder , addictions ,wanton cruelty and a whole host of nameless sexual perversions and unnatural abominations.

Those who have  inner sight can see the problem due to the sensitivity of their finer bodies. Most of the time it is in the solar plexus , and the centre of polarization for the vast bulk of Humanity for a long time to come.

Let Your Light Shine. By;- Mike j Hughes

downloadgfTo all good people who suffer upon this man-bearing planet. I write to all who are members of the ”New Group of World Servers.”.
If you are a man or woman in whom the fires of compassion burn brightly enough to make even a small impact upon those within your ”sphere of Influence” , if you are ready to tread ”The Path” to see a better world for ALL,- then YES my Friends – you are a members of this inner group.

With the dawn of Social Media and mass communication ,- many countless millions are waking up.!!, and as a result ,-…..Dictators are being ousted from power , and great fear of those they dominated for so long .
Now these Tyrants Rule no more!!.

It is heartbreaking indeed to learn of the real facts , and the mental agony to know We human beings are capable of such horror ,…. stuff nightmares are made of .
We, as one race ,-are brothers and sisters of one family ”Global Community” . Let us be as one in the basic sharing ,, Love , Brotherhood , and the raising of Human Consciousness to levels that are far beyond war , greed , egomania , cruelty , commercialization , the ugliness and poison that saturates one’s astral body , and Lower Manas- { concrete mind } during one’s incarnations.
It is this scattering of threads of selfish desire which the ”lower mind” and Ego get to be , in some cases ,- earthbound.
It is this ”Kama-Rupa” plane that is known by many names. On this plane we go through the ”death-struggle” where the the separation of all selfless virtues , from the lower husk of physical , emotional-astral , and of the carnal mind. It is this only that remains behind , and is ”purged”, { hence this being called Purgatory } , This freeing One Self from the thick physical , astral , and mental garbage of the once personality is rightly called the ”Death Struggle”, – as well as the misunderstood ”Second Death”. Then the Soul , only takes the ”gold’ and noble virtues” with it into Devachan , or Heaven ,Summer Land , by many other names.

I know it is hard to wrap One’s mind in order to understand these Esoteric Teachings. Millions now are at the very threshold of the First Initiation..
It feels great to know this . All great virtues of Love and self-sacrificing Souls coming into incarnation . They too have a big role to play, along with us.
We must educate and train them for future Esoteric work that lies in the future. of Human Evolution.

Please check out the links provided here Share the news of Maitreya Lucis Trust. Esoteric Study, Alice . A . Bailey. The 24 Books By Alice A Bailey and D.K – Theosophy and Occult. World Goodwill Site. A collection of almost 1000 online articles, organized by topic List of Spiritual -Occult- Theosophy Links.

This page contains a variety of audio recordings including Messages by Maitreya, lectures and talks by Benjamin Creme, and public radio interviews. These recordings contain energetic blessings by Maitreya and can be experienced by the listener during playback.

Words From a 1st Ray Ashram. By;- Helena . Roerich – Master Morya

1. Spatial calls reach Earth through the most unexpected receptions. An imperative call about altruism and mutual understanding reaches certain people. But pay attention t6581045_f6b162191e_so the unexpectedness of such arrivals. If, on a map of the world, the places be marked where Our call is perceived, a very unexpected pattern will result. But there are people to be found who repeat this very same thing without any understanding. Sometimes the sowers of dissension are not averse to speaking about altruism. The very meaning of the word is annulled, and instead of mutual understanding violent hatred emerges. But over and above all obstacles remains the call for altruism and mutual understanding. What is not understood today will come tomorrow. Brotherhood, 478
2. You yourself know that the most sure path is the path of altruism. Let us recall the dangers we have escaped through magnanimity. Perhaps we do not even know the limits and dimensions of such dangers. But the heart bears testimony that precisely goodwill did help in the most difficult hours. Fiery World II, 158
3. Monasteries are often called communities. The communal life has long been a sign of cooperation and of mutual respect. So too each workshop can be a cell of a community in which everybody contributes his skill. Altruism is a requisite if one is to devote one’s talent to the common work. Community, 3
4. Thus, the best healers are the rays of the rising sun, pure mountain prana, and especially, pure thoughts and aspiration of the heart toward high, altruistic tasks. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 7 May 1938

5. The true fire-blossom is actual selflessness; however, it must not only be evident in actions but must live in the consciousness. Behavior, like wandering shadows, is an inaccurate reflection, and the vortex of shifting conventions conceals the meaning of action. Is it possible to judge conduct without knowing cause and effect? Then a savior will appear to be an offender, and a giver will seem a miser. But it is not easy to establish in the consciousness selflessness–individuality is unavoidable. And the blending in of selflessness can take place only with a clear realization of the future. Selflessness is not built on past experience; only a true perception of the future can mold an inner judgment about the boundaries of the possible. Whoever thinks in the stillness of the night that the past has taught him the value of selflessness is a prisoner.
One should sing a hymn to selflessness in the rays of the sun, as a bird does, in its own way of expression, knowing the future day on which the migration is to start. The concept of migration has significance for the realization of selflessness.
The future may be understood as the turn from night to day. The slumberers will sleep through it, but the Community stays on watch. Our Guard does not regard a single patrol as insignificant. Community, 166

6. In the ways of action are expressed all kinds of spiritual quests. He who strives, who has renounced, who is self-sacrificing, manifests his tension thereby; that spirit does understand the Common Good. He who persists in selfishness affirms his own methods of action. Thus, the entire human circle battles eternally. Infinity II, 305
7. The Higher World is incorruptible, but instead of self-purification through thought and labor, people still try to bribe the Higher Grace. In such ignorance is expressed a complete unwillingness to reflect upon the essential nature of the world’s. The history of prayer shows that at first hymns were chanted, the prayers were spoken for all beings, and only later did man dare to importune with demands for himself. Sufficient evidences have been given as to how worthless for evolution is everything engendered by selfishness. One cannot purchase favor and justice. Is it not shameful that such words must be repeated? Aum, 236

8. Urusvati knows the true meaning of influences. Man constantly experiences the effects of many influences, from astro-chemical rays and cosmic currents, to the flow of human thought–everything can uplift or depress the consciousness. It will be asked, “How then can the free will act if man is enslaved by so many different influences?” To such a question you will often have to reply, “The free will determines the main direction of man’s activity. If the will directs him to the creativity of good and to the common welfare, man can develop such a strong magnet that the most powerful influences will become his helpers.”
Truly, the heart that has learned self-denial can gather around itself a beautiful flower-garden of influences. Supermundane IV, 872
9. There are two kinds of people–the first prefer to exploit the labor of others, while the second like to attain by themselves. Pay attention to the second, among them you find investigators and co-workers. Help them, for such people are especially reticent and sensitive.
New methods of observation ought not to be condemned. Many initial researches have been savagely wrecked by the ignorant. Safeguard the manifested sensitive seekers against the attempts of the executioner. Each one, within his own horizon, can do so much that is useful and unselfish. Let us be selfless. Aum, 587

10. In the records of space the thoughts of the Great Teachers are preserved in a better way. They descend like a refreshing dew to those who can receive them. Knowing this, the Teachers do not pay much attention to earthly distortions. That which is preordained will come, and the receptive heart will receive it.
Human thoughts also grow in space. Every heroic, unselfish thought can be a seed for generating the future world. The Great Teachers are Cosmic Creators, but every thinker can also become a creator of good. Supermundane I, 176
11. The path of construction is absorbing, but it can be vouched that the steps of self-denial will also bring joy. Precisely the beauty of Cosmos brings selflessness closer into the consciousness.
The feeling of Cosmic loneliness is but the realization of direct paths, as only in this consciousness can man fly into other worlds, helping others for their sake alone. Illumination, II:IX:4
12. I give this farewell bidding to the disciple: “Let thy prayer be: ‘Thee, O Lord, I shall serve in everything, always and everywhere. Let my path be marked by the attainment of selflessness’.” When the disciple realizes in his heart the joy of the path, a path which knows no friction because all is transformed in the joy of Service, then it is possible to open before him the Great Gates. Fiery World III, 7

13. The strongest index of achievement is self-renunciation. Indeed, it is necessary to understand this cosmic concept in all its beauty. Not only on the field of battle is the spirit adorned with the power of selflessness. To traverse the path of life impetuously, to cross all lives as upon a wire, to pass over all abysses in song, is possible only for the selfless spirit. All structures which follow the cosmic designation are erected in fiery striving.
Let us look at the life of a hero of the spirit. From early years the spirit knows the Highest Guide. The manifestation of a sacred Guardian is its life’s destiny. Physical and spiritual pre-eminence do not cloud the consciousness. Self-education is a manifestation of the synthesis. The realization of one’s own superiority has given the spirit firmness and tolerance toward society. All manifested talents have been displayed in inspiration, to the wealthy and the poor, to the seekers and the enlightened ones. The hero of the spirit has known a Higher Protector, therefore he has given strength to others. The Higher Law has directed him to the rudder, and visibly or invisibly he has become a fiery hero. Thus has proceeded the mighty “Lion of the Desert.”
Thus has been strengthened the great law of self-renunciation. Striving toward the higher powerful cooperation has given a direct contact with the cosmic forces and with the Highest Fiery Brotherhood. This direct link has been given only through a Higher Designation. When amidst the jungles of life the spirit knows the direction, then truly the world’s resound. On the path to the Fiery World let us manifest understanding of true selflessness. Fiery World III, 75
14. Humanity must select the most firm paths. All mechanical discoveries merely demonstrate the need of the power in man himself. Let us be solicitous toward everyone who can bring to humanity his best strength. And let us be grateful to the Brothers, who untiringly bring realization of psychic energy. On this path there has to be much selflessness. Brotherhood, 62

15. Many miracles are around us; we must only notice them. Verily, wonderful is the life of a disciple. But it is not so easy, for he carries a tremendous responsibility and there are so many difficulties, especially in the days of Armageddon when all the dark forces try to attack him. But with the development of consciousness these very difficulties become joyous because the heart is so full of devotion to the Teacher and wants to prove in reality this devotion by overcoming all the difficulties. Self-sacrifice becomes so natural, so full of joy. The whole spirit is already separated from earthly things and realizes where its true home is. The only thing left is an ardent desire to fulfill the mission as well as possible, to justify the confidence of the Teacher, without any care for the results. They say in the East, “We must work without thinking of results.” I understand it this way: we must learn to do our work as well as we can because of love and not for the reward. Only then will our work be beautiful. The key to all achievements is in such selfless love for every work we undertake. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 27 January 1933
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love-psychicToday there is an increasing expectancy regarding the return of the “World Teacher”, the Coming One Who will return to lead humanity into a new age and into a heightened consciousness. In fact, some claim that the Christ has already reappeared in physical form and has been “sighted” in various parts of the world. Yet the teachings of the Tibetan Master, given in the books of Alice A. Bailey, make it clear that humanity itself must first produce the conditions in consciousness and in world affairs essential to the eventual physical appearance of the Christ. When a measure of peace has been restored on Earth, when sharing begins to govern economic affairs, and when churches and political groups have begun to clean house, the Christ will then be drawn into the arena of His work. The Christ will be known by the work he does, by the world influence He wields and by His ability to work with and through every individual and every group who have trained themselves for world service. The Christ will not be “claimed or proclaimed”, either by Himself or by any other individual or group. Share the news of Maitreya Lucis Trust. Esoteric Study, Alice . A . Bailey. The 24 Books By Alice A Bailey and D.K – Theosophy and Occult. World Goodwill Site. A collection of almost 1000 online articles, organized by topic List of Spiritual -Occult- Theosophy Links.

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The Coming American Uprising . By;- Mike j Hughes

Written              June 17 , 2013

Humanity is under great stress , much agony of mind abounds everywhere. The masses are groping in the darkness of their mass ignorance .
Terrible conflicts are about to unfold from shore to shore here upon this North American continent. This uprising will be the result of many issues piling up , and that have not yet been evened out according to karmic Law.
The coming future ”terror attacks” are going to have very profound effects , and will change the way we all live. People are abusing fire arms, and shootings are a daily occurrence , that indeed is going to bring changes now in their planning stages
People , like no other time in history, will be marching and protesting ,..and , violent…unfortunately .

It is here in North America that will see the most powerful and effective demonstrations ,- because these national uprisings are very rare here in the ”civilized” and developed nations of the world . An international and violent stressed out phase will then run it’s course .
People all over the world will , by this time,- realize that humanity , on it’s own ,- can not deal with this unique and rare event .
We are approaching the ”point of no return” . This goes for the entire human race as a dire warning to change our ways , prepare to climb out of the astral slime of delusion ,rotting human filth , thus into a greater measure of Light that will clear away the glamor , and selfish delusions infesting the human psyche’ .

The human pain and suffering is an in-vocative cry for help. Many unbelievable advanced beings are aware of our planetary crisis and have come to assist and prepare the way for the ‘World Teacher’.
A great gathering of the forces of Light are now taking place. Humanity does indeed have many friends who  hope and pray we emerge victorious over matter, and thus become increasingly polarized on high spiritual levels of our being .
Life in the developed Nations of our world are about to change , in learning lessons , and various mental growths that are painful , – thank goodness- , because this will reveal the ugliest vice of greed and commercialization that is causing millions to lose and forget all wholesome values that are good for ALL. .

It is a stated fact that we in the West use and waste 80% of the resources in the world while millions starve in a world of plenty. If humanity heeds not this dire warning ,- then the future will be bleak and war torn,… thus plunging Humanity into a new Dark Age lasting perhaps eons to recover.

The North American up- rising is coming sooner than you think. The arriving conflict will teach Humanity that greed , Racism , Arrogance , Lying , Picking Fights , and the ugly human filth of commercialization .
All this must now end . We must yield to the living waters of Life more abundantly as humanity seeks to rise upon the planes until we can all work and focused on the mental planes .

The North American up-rising will be the karmic retribution from what is listed above. If then humanity becomes more as a leader then we will get through this. However if the West , and America learns nothing from this ,-then we can look forward to a second American Civil War!!. ”Bring it on”!!!
Pray for humanity , and visualize a wonderful new world of sharing , cooperation, and happier times ahead for ALL.