That Gnawing Fear.

                                                                 By;- Mike J Hughes.                                                        

My growing spirituality has led me into a realm of service most people shy away for reasons that range from fear to ignorance.

I have come to realize the fact that people are dying everyday with no one at their side helping them cross over into the astral world when the physical body is left behind to return to its elemental source.

With those who are earthbound, in the ,-[ kama-Loka ] ,- which , can sometimes, be a state of utter confusion wherein the disembodied Ego may not realize it has passed on. Everyone must, at some time, come to an understanding that we are essentially souls with a very long history that covers thousands of incarnations going back through tremendous eons and vistas of time, through many races, cultures, ancient civilizations, and evolving little more with each and every cycle,- with each and every incarnation.

For many people, the fear of death is so terrifying they refuse to even think of it ,as if denying its very existence to the very last minute.

This fear is not extreme as most people think it is. Those living in dark ignorance see their death as the annihilation of everything so dear to their hearts, -of everything they ever loved ,- places , people ,things, thoughts , dreams, inspirations , – and most of all, the annihilation of Identity itself.

Those who are   very carnal and  worldly during their incarnations on earth will be most devastated with the thought of dying- ,as they have been so  conditioned and limited by ignorance since the beginning of their lives while   leaving out the most precious  important realities of who they are as Souls.

Many ancient and seasoned racial groups have the wisdom concerning ;-, “The Art of Dying“During which one prepares to discard an old and useless shell,-  only to acquire new ones after  making  their transition to the other side.

The  lessons to learn ,  as we come into incarnation age after age ,  is to not identify ourselves with our earthly vehicles.

As we identify  with the Divine Self , detach ourselves from our physical, astral-emotional, and  lower mental bodies, we thus learn to live as souls, finding  real joy and bliss as we come to Divine Self-Realization.

There is no such thing as death,- the soul [ or “Higher Self“] is a Divine aspect of the the one Universal Principle which thrills throughout the cosmos in which we ,live,move ,and have our being.

As we come to  understand ourselves for  who we REALLY   are ,-… this fear of death will be seen as it really is,,,a silly superstition, and a   vague misunderstanding of the greater reality of which we all play a part,- having no beginning and no ending ,  as we understand it. Thus we come to understand the eternal NOW.

Once we have  freed ourselves by detaching and releasing our sense of awareness above elemental substance of  dense physical , astral-emotional , and lower mental planes , then we free  ourselves from the fear of death ,  and all silly, superstitious , and childish phantasms   related to it.

When we set ourselves free from material limitations , the illusions that have for so long kept us in the dark, then shall we find greater freedom to work and play beyond the confines of our  material existence ,and to  soar ever higher into bliss of Divine Self-Realization.

                                                                                      Your Friend and Colleague –

                                                                                                  -….always , – Mike j Hughes.-

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