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Share International regrets to announce that Benjamin Creme, British artist, author and lecturer has died. He passed away peacefully on 24 October 2016 at his home in London, with his family around him.

Through his work as the Chief Editor of Share International magazine, as author of many books, and as international speaker, Benjamin Creme was an inspiration throughout the world in presenting information about the emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher and the Masters of Wisdom. Working from a background of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings given to the world by Helena Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society, and the Alice Bailey esoteric teachings, he expanded and brought up to date this ancient knowledge.

Working under the tutelage of one of the Masters of Wisdom, Benjamin Creme dedicated the last 40 years of his life to his work for the emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher, and in doing so inspired hundreds of thousands of people across the world. He began his public work in 1975 and lectured worldwide from 1979 onwards, only finally stopping at the age of 90.

In 1974 he introduced Transmission Meditation – a new group meditation, which is both a means of personal development and a form of service to the world.

Benjamin Creme had been unwell for a long time but had kept going in his usual courageous, determined and humorous way. His was an extraordinary life dedicated to service. He brought hope to the millions who have heard and been touched by the news of the imminent emergence of the World Teacher, and the consequent transformation of the world by the creation of justice and peace, through sharing.

His work of preparing the way for Maitreya will be carried forward by the many groups around the world which have dedicated themselves to this task.



Ways We Can All Help In The Emergence Of Maitreya. – From Share International.


I am giving  all a means to work with the public  in preparation of the Greatest Event in World History.


White Bird Must Fly;- or She Will Die.

“The time is short indeed when you will see Me. Make best use of this little
time to tell your brothers of My Presence. There is naught that you could
do more valuable than this. Hope rises, My friends. Hope is in your midst.
A new Light dawns in the world, and mankind shall know Joy.” – Maitreya
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Many are the ways to serve, but one among all today has priority: the Christ needs your willing
help. Tell the world of His presence and His imminent emergence and aid Him more than you
could know. Build together the thoughtform of this event and create a climate of hope. More
than anything, this will insure His smooth re-entry into a troubled and chaotic world.
– The Master —, from ‘The people’s voice’
You, My friends, have a unique opportunity to serve at this time. You are in receipt of a
message of Hope, a declaration of truth, and on your judgement rests your future. You may
take the path that leads to sterile inaction: that is your right. But, my friends, why discard an
opportunity to serve your brothers and Me in a most potent fashion? Make known the fact of
My Presence among you and see the light of joy awaken in your brothers’ eyes. Let them, too,
share in this manifestation of hope and promise for the world, and take your place by My side.
– Maitreya, from Message 68
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Gaining Mastery of Our Lunar Bodies


                                                            By;- Mike j Hughes           ‎12/‎12/‎2015

The most powerful and effective method of service an aspirant can offer in leading humanity out of it`s self created hellish nightmare world of illusion and suffering is to empower oneself with absolute determination to set one’s goal to tread the razor edge Path to Self –Realization.

The – emotional body is very difficult and arduous, and will take many incarnations to achieve before the second initiation can be taken. The fact that the greater bulk of humanity today,- being polarized in the astral body, makes this goal of passing through the second initiation a very difficult long path of sufferings,- a realization of one’s shortcomings , backsliding, agony of mind, along with much “psychic growing pains“,and much hardship over several lives.

Once the first initiation is taken there are then about 6-7 incarnations in which one passes from being an astral polarized being,- to that of achieving total mental polarization shortly after the second initiation,-  thus shifting awareness to a level above the astral planes and setting one free from the illusions and glamour’s from a world we have created ourselves through the unwholesome use of the creative imaginations with it;s phantasms, , emotional bondages , its seductive and beautiful fantasies that many have mistaken as “mystical experience`s “… , but, in fact are forms of astral intoxication!!. ….

…..Take for example the behaviour seen in many fundamental Christian groups who work themselves into an emotional hysteria , shouting “praise the Lord!!!“, …. “ be healed now!“ ,screaming, and pounding  out their sermons ,-   losing control while sputtering and foaming at the mouth.!!!!. Pure astral intoxication, and yet claiming such morbid behaviour as a spiritual experience.!!?

The goal  for man,-  during the Atlantean 4th Root Race was the out- growth and development of the astral- emotional body ,along with the budding germ of Mind or “Manasic principle“.

The astral-emotional body, – developed very well ,and so powerful-, that it is still the major polarization for the vast majority of humanity today.

We are in the early epoch of the 5th Root Race. The long term goal for humanity now is the out- growth and development of the lower mental body.

The astral- emotional body of man took 12 million years to develop to what it is today. We all have had thousands of incarnations during this period of the Atlantean Root Race.

The coming labour of evolution now facing humanity will be arduous,- a journey through millions of years,- and will involve not just one root race ,- but will include the rest of this round and into the middle of the next round. Thus the full evolution of the lower and higher abstract mind will come into full fruition , revealing an unbelievable beauty not as yet comprehensible to the masses at this time. The Higher mind is an aspect of the inner Divine Self and will  come into full ”flowering”  before the end of the 5th round.

The goal  now is freeing ourselves from the glamour’s of the astral planes,  and the achievement of mental polarization as more of the Sons of Men begin to tread the path of initiation,  and service to both God and Man.

As many of you may  know, -‘ mental polarization begins at a point between the first and second initiations,- or at about [ 1.6 ] , and is more or less completed at about [ 2.3] – when spiritual polarization begins ,and the man or woman prepares for the third initiation and is thus a manifestation of Divinity upon the physical , astral-emotional, and mental planes.

For a more detailed  explanation of the Rays and initiations, and a list of  many hundred’s of great men of the past who were Initiates from all walks of life  . I have provided a list


http://www.share-berlin.info/list.htm – The List of Initiates

http://www.lucistrust.org/en/home__1     The New Group of World Servers


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iy1piU_Up0E ”The Space Brothers,– Here to Help”  Five Stars for this One  !!!! 



From the Spiritual Hierarchy point of view,-  the third initiation is really the first true soul initiation into Divinity.

The most important thing for every aspirant to do is to detach himself from all seductiveness and fantasies of the various levels of the astral planes and to “see“ from a distance [ so to speak ] and learn its nature ,pitfalls, and the many countless glamour’s that seek to snare the unwary. In many ways the astral planes are the fields of glamour and illusion.

Again I say ;- the greater bulk of humanity today are polarized on the astral- emotional planes ,which at this point in evolution , holds man  a prisoner of his own creation.

It is this fact that makes the 2nd initiation the most difficult of all initiations to pass through. As the initiate advances forward there comes a time ,-after many incarnations,- where no glamour or illusion can  hold one who has the dedication and determination to fight his or hers  way into a greater measure of freedom , pure reason , into the Divinity and Light of His own SOUL,- or Higher Self.

Doing Away With Sleep. By;- Mike j Hughes

The Flaming Diamond (2)I know this may sound a little strange, but I wish I could do away with sleep altogether .  Sleeping is just a waste of time for  us spiritual-occultists’ . I , and millions like me are members of what is known as the ”New Group of World Servers”

This group is made up of men and women of Goodwill  from all walks of life, regardless of religion , race , sex , creed , believer or non believer ………..and so on.  For a lost world of these poor little human beings who do not even know who they are , or where they are headed , what happens when they die ,  do they have a destiny , and a purpose to serve , and the whole  question of GOD , and our duty as Self-conscious Beings.

For eons of time  these Great Mysteries  have been preserved and kept as the records that contain all information regarding the Anthropogenesis upon this planet with details as to every  milestone in human evolution.

I know that Mankind will at some point in its evolution overcome the limitations that are such a nuisance to everyone’s spiritual goals.

Even death itself will one day be swallowed up in victory . One day this man bearing globe will shine  with the brilliance of a cosmic Spiritual Diamond………the ”Flaming Diamond” of ALL Humanity, one day  passing through the Gates of Cosmic Initiations.

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This page contains a variety of audio recordings including Messages by Maitreya, lectures and talks by Benjamin Creme, and public radio interviews. These recordings contain energetic blessings by Maitreya and can be experienced by the listener during playback.