Artifacts on the Moon ;- an occult point of view.}


Subject: Artifacts on the Moon ;- an occult point of view.}

By;- Mike j Hughes.

According to my research as to artifacts on the moon,- yes this is a fact indeed.
These ”structures” are the ”left-overs’ ‘of a human civilization dating back countless eons ago
during a previous incarnation of that cosmic Planetary Being who takes incarnation within a planetary sphere in the same way the spiritual Ego in man take incarnation within many types of human forms provided according to karma , atavism , occult heredity , and so on , and on a smaller scale ,- however the analogy is clear.

Those who study Theosophy and the Ageless Wisdom Teachings are aware that the moon we see in the heavens is now a dead corps ,- the decaying body of our planetary Logo’s last incarnation,- which has , at times , been detrimental in the spiritual evolution here on Earth .
As a rotting body so near the earth , the moon has always been a source of evil and lower astral impulses that can assist those deeply immersed in the practise of black magic ,- and those even darker Rites of Necromancy ,- the most dark and most cruel forms of black magic.

During the moon chain , a very mysterious event took place of which not much can be said , suffice it to say it retarded spiritual evolution on Earth. When the Planetary Spirit takes on incarnation on each globe it’s past and cosmic karma follows in the same way ,- on a smaller scale , how karma follows us , Good or bad .
We all must face the ”dweller on the threshold” , Each Planetary Spirit has it’s ”Cosmic Dweller on the Threshold ”and working out karma , good or bad ,hence the joy and suffering of humanity itself , and the planet itself .

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