Discovering More About Ourselves .

Mike j Hughes-





It seems to me that so many millions are searching for an identity for themselves,and many are lost and confused as to how to create an inner equilibrium during the present spiritual dark age of which we now find ourselves .
It seems as if people are ready to identify themselves with just about anything except their own hidden higher self [ or soul ] .
Humanity is going through an identity crisis through which much harm and agony of mind is making our lives very sad , confused, and with so much suffering being the result.
Millions are coming to the discovery and realization of themselves as incarnating souls. Many are learning to identify with that still small voice coming from that inner Light we all share together.
This inner Light of the soul is growing brighter with each day as we learn to cast aside all false values , worthless goals, and desires that have wrought so much suffering into our lives.
As I have discovered, through much confusion, pain, and unlearning ,I came to a realization that the goal in life is Self Realization and to transcend the world of false values,- such as identifying myself with my body , emotions, the world of illusions and the constant chattering of the mind.
Through years of meditation and the art of contemplation I have discovered a whole new world within myself- as with my fellow man ,-that our true higher Self is a very powerful, and living reality indeed. I am gaining the skills to transcends all that has caused so much pain and hell in my life.
The method to finding inner joy and happiness is to identify ourselves with that which can not be taken from ourselves,;- the Light of the Soul.
Now , after decades of soul searching , study of meditation ,theosophy, and the Ageless Wisdom Teachings ,I have learned to be objective and not to identify myself with my emotional body , physical body, nor with my lot in life.
Now when I am in pain, instead I say “my body is in pain“,-if I am suffering from some agony of mind, instead I say that “it is my mind that is in pain.“
All in All we are so much more than what we may think or feel at any given time,and there is that secret place deep within us all that transcends all human limitations as to how we see ourselves. The truth is within you my dear friends ,and is in a constant state of “becoming“as we learn to understand and peel layer after layer in our journey of Self -discovery.
Veil after veil shall fall
Yet Veil after Veil Remains.
-The Buddha.-


The Detox Shuffle. By;- Mike j Hughes.

For some time now I have been struggling with a very wicked addiction .  I have almost got it beat ,- albeit with triggers, cravings, feeble minded  excuses ,   and so on  popping up everywhere.  Over the last few weeks I have periodically been  suffering from a powerful nerve agitation  due to a  ”double withdraw” from opiates and  benzo –  diazepam  use for the last 15 years ago .

Last month I checked myself into  a Detox  here in Vancouver ,  and was in there for about ten days or so.

tox  for over 20 years ,  and much has changed regarding group therapy , some have been discarded such as the   mandatory  12 Step ”meetings” .

Rather than treating  all patience  as one ”collected entity” ,  they  have  began letting  all  residents  do more or less what they wanted and thus have given  addicts rather a time to think back  in a retrospective way , – and really contemplate  and  give thought  as to ones future  course  in life , –   as they struggle  into a greater measure of Light.

I am being monitored by Doctors who specialize  in addictions of all sorts,  and have been given medication to help as I learn to wean off these powerful addictions that has really mucked up my life .

I have as well experimented with  mind altering plants that have  provided me with very deep esoteric insights that I will forever cherish and meditate on ,- as they have led me onto the Path of Service , – selflessly given,- and it is this which has given so much meaning to life as I understand it.

I know the struggle will be long and hard. It will be along the lines of meditation , contemplation,  and to exercise the spiritual  virtue of becoming more de- centralised  ,  thereby  transcending  the  limitations of the lower carnal personality  , becoming  members of that growing inner group that tend as  the  stimulus   revealing   humanity’s potential for ”Greatness” .

Losing oneself in the service to others human needs ,-is indeed the best medicine that has kept me sane   all these years ,- ..and  all these years of human suffering have not  made me to hate no living thing . As I have been told  ; – ” Hate destroys the soul of anyone who tries to teach it ”    -..this I know . –

The Divine  Presence  Within  ALL men  ,- The Born less One ”, Having no Beginning of Days , and no End of Days .

We all share a common  bond  within this Great , Living Being ,- that Being the Earth Itself , which we live , move , and have our being.                        —   This I know.- —

Through the activities of the New .Group. of World Severs ;-                           N.GW.S ;-

Working for this group has opened great vistas before me  ,   SEEING  Humanity as a whole with every man, woman  and child taking on  the  responsibility for keeping  the ecology clean and   protected  from those that would  but molest  , and commit dirty acts  for personal profit.