A Changing World ,- By- Mike j Hughes

3279f0c582d1d91eb3a1e442a02e083c_500So many people thought 2012 is the beginning of the end of all humanity on earth , – that an extinction event is upon the horizon for the human family.
We are witnessing a profound transformation of civilization , and we have many serious decisions that must be made to insure our survival as a race .

We will be tested as to where our true values lie, and will have a chance to right the many mistakes and the agony of mind that millions are now going through at this time.
NO My friends ;this is not in any way the end of the world -,but rather a painful expansion of our consciousness to the heights of true spiritual awareness unlike never seen before .
Billions are going through a sort of psychic growing pains that will ,- in time , bring humanity together to work towards a common ground that will reveal to us all of our oneness with all .
The great occult truth that the universe began with a BIG BANG is very real indeed,;- As Above,- So Below….
As the universe expands ,then so doe`s our consciousness through millions of years. The slow upward climb is full of pitfalls and cruel thorns;- a great struggle by which we climb the mountain top of evolutionary achievement to shine forth as a true Sons of God .
2012 is the beginning stages of mans transformation in all areas of human endeavour ;- in politics, religion, science, economy, art, spirituality, ecology, psychology,and so on.
Many are there today who have no understanding of the transformation we ,as a race , are about to go through between 2012 and 2035 .
There are many however who are aware of the fact that human civilization is treading upon dangerous times,- and the only way we can bring ,and usher in an age of a heightened awareness is for all to come to an awareness of our oneness with each other and the establishing of right human relations, -and the sharing the resources of the world.
There are many humanitarian groups who know of the awful reality that there are millions all over the globe that are starving to death in a world of plenty for want of food that sits and rots within the great store-houses of the developed world.

The nations of the world, each have a contribution to share, in creating a beautiful ”Global Community” based on sharing, trust, justice,brotherhood, and a time for humanity to reinvent itself along sane lines of development that will be lasting ,meaningful, and to learn higher and much noble values.
It is not difficult for us to see that the humanity of this planet is now on the edge of a global revolution. The whole Middle East is going through its own crisis ,and so many dictators are being ousted from power as a result of very powerful changes in the ever-expanding awareness and the growth of the human spirit seeking freedom and Democracy.
A great transformation is taking place everywhere , We can all see and feel the need for change within all departments of human endeavour .
In order to evolve further along the path of right human relationships, then we must learn to look within ourselves , find the inner peace by a gradual developing contact with ones own soul. Through the science of meditation. When great numbers of the race begin to establish a measure of soul contact.- then we will see very big changes in the hearts and minds of men and woman everywhere.







Let Your Light Shine. By;- Mike j Hughes

downloadgfTo all good people who suffer upon this man-bearing planet. I write to all who are members of the ”New Group of World Servers.”.
If you are a man or woman in whom the fires of compassion burn brightly enough to make even a small impact upon those within your ”sphere of Influence” , if you are ready to tread ”The Path” to see a better world for ALL,- then YES my Friends – you are a members of this inner group.

With the dawn of Social Media and mass communication ,- many countless millions are waking up.!!, and as a result ,-…..Dictators are being ousted from power , and great fear of those they dominated for so long .
Now these Tyrants Rule no more!!.

It is heartbreaking indeed to learn of the real facts , and the mental agony to know We human beings are capable of such horror ,…. stuff nightmares are made of .
We, as one race ,-are brothers and sisters of one family ”Global Community” . Let us be as one in the basic sharing ,, Love , Brotherhood , and the raising of Human Consciousness to levels that are far beyond war , greed , egomania , cruelty , commercialization , the ugliness and poison that saturates one’s astral body , and Lower Manas- { concrete mind } during one’s incarnations.
It is this scattering of threads of selfish desire which the ”lower mind” and Ego get to be , in some cases ,- earthbound.
It is this ”Kama-Rupa” plane that is known by many names. On this plane we go through the ”death-struggle” where the the separation of all selfless virtues , from the lower husk of physical , emotional-astral , and of the carnal mind. It is this only that remains behind , and is ”purged”, { hence this being called Purgatory } , This freeing One Self from the thick physical , astral , and mental garbage of the once personality is rightly called the ”Death Struggle”, – as well as the misunderstood ”Second Death”. Then the Soul , only takes the ”gold’ and noble virtues” with it into Devachan , or Heaven ,Summer Land , by many other names.

I know it is hard to wrap One’s mind in order to understand these Esoteric Teachings. Millions now are at the very threshold of the First Initiation..
It feels great to know this . All great virtues of Love and self-sacrificing Souls coming into incarnation . They too have a big role to play, along with us.
We must educate and train them for future Esoteric work that lies in the future. of Human Evolution.

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