Sylvia Brown,- One of Many “Astral Sensitives“ By- Mike j Hughes

Sylvia Brown,- One of Many “Astral Sensitives“ By- Mike j Hughes
There are many such “astral Sensitives“now coming into incarnation who , through a discipline achieved through past lives  have an uncanny ability to read the “Anima – Mundi“-, or the “Soul of the World“ so to speak.
Their are many types of “astral sensitives“ of various degrees of purity ,as well as those who`s lives are soiled with a heavy depravity.The latter are those dedicated to a foreseen possibilities of doom and gloom. Their visions are clouded with , and or tainted with the muddied lower egoic unit we know as the earthly personality with all of it`s warps and deeply embedded biases and their own personal ideas.

Sylvia`Brown and Her quality of astral sensitivity is indeed Heart oriented and only of a “relatively“ pure quality . However She , along with the greater bulk of humanity today, are, never the less,- polarized in the astral-emotional levels of consciousness, with it`s endless “earth walkers“,and  thought-forms“,of whom many see as dis-embodied souls-,- but are  merely the “shades“,and the “psychic astral corpse`s“ of those who have passed away who are advancing towards their “second death“based on the intensity of animal passions  and the momentum they have gained through the quality of the “Egoic Unit“ of those who have lived very bad lives.

Unfortunately their are no absolutely pure and “Holy“ psychics working at this time in the three worlds of human endeavour, except in the case of high initiates ,and those whom we know as the Masters of Wisdom.
However their are many who are astrally sensitive to the countless sufferings of   millions  and who work tirelessly for the betterment of humanity, and to the establishing of right human relations as their contribution and selfless service to their fellow man.
Sylvia Brown , along with many other compassionate human beings are truly gifted as they seek to educate and alleviate Human suffering with their God-given gifts of spiritual altruism to their fellow human beings.

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