Simple Altruism

Simple Altruism. By;- Mike j Hughes Maitreya             201212_light_cross_krasnodar1_opti - Copy

I am doing much better,- went shopping in ”Chinatown” and picked up all sorts of herbs and special tea that contain all kinds of ”unmentionable ingredients”,- but WOW!!…my energy level is high with a sound mind.
Some of these ancient medicinal herbs work better than many of these anti-depression medications ,-which to my mind are heavy and clumsy way in controlling bi-polar, or depression ….a sort of pseudo science .
I know that the Mind is quite independent , and continues to reel and think long after the ”Post Mortem” state”.
I have been at study in the world of the occult,- I.E- ”hidden knowledge” for years now,- and I can say that We are not a ”superstitious” group of students. If I , or a group, with whom I have been working with stumble across some ”phenomena” of sorts ,-…We then follow the same tried and strict rules those in the Medical , Scientific , as well as those in the fields of Law Practice use….. ,- which is to ”Rule Out” , or ”eliminate” all that may be in the obvious , or ones own biased point of view , mental disorders , or ones own astral imagination , atmospheric conditions , – and so on, with research , common sense and comparing notes until we reach a logical conclusion,-… as students of the occult.
For many years now we have been with groups who are dedicated to the work of fostering and stimulating the energy of Goodwill throughout the world, and making our message very simple indeed ,- that being world cooperation ,and the sharing of the worlds resources in a world of plenty;- will create trust between all the various Races now evolving upon this Planet. The so-called ”Illuminati” is beginning to crumble – { Don’t ask me to prove it-, just do your dam homework and research as you read the paper everyday}, due to the fact that it is not having anything to do with the ”Plan on Earth” as Maitreya has said. Maitreya is now in incognito , and is working 24 -7 always .
Our main job is making known the fact that the ”World Teacher’ ‘is soon to make a reappearance amongst the everyday world of human civilization, and to show humanity that the problems of our world are very serious yet solvable . Return of the Christ- 5 stars

Altruism and Service , A way to Overcome Depression. By;- Mikej Hughes

I would like to share with you all an experience I went through many years ago over a period of about 4 – 5 months wherein I was moving through a bout of deep depression that kept me indoors , lazy , fatigued ,mentally in the dark, and in a foggy and lonely place in which I found myself time after time.
I have been an esoteric and spiritual occultist for many years ,-going back to the age of 16 years.
It was during my daily studies and regular meditation that I caught an flash of intuition that gave me the cure for all of the misery and emotional pain I’ve endured for such a long time indeed.
I began to do a comparison between me and my own petty problems of my pathetic and rather small personality, and others human beings who are living miserable stunted lives full of unbelievable suffering, and an agony of mind that we here in the developed West cannot even begin to fathom , or to comprehend.
One day I was reading an article in the Share International* magazine about how others are overcoming depression without the use of poisonous medication of which little or nothing is known about.
I began engaging my life in the service to others who’s mental and emotional condition were by far worse than my own small petty problems.
After some time of this altruism and service , my life quality began to change for the better, and I began to henceforth be elated as my soul contact began to deepen and become increasingly effective in my life by the improvement of my health in all departments of my being , such as within my physical, emotional, and mental avenues of expression.
One note I must write here concerning the honest approach to the mode of service to be rendered
If one feels the need to serve to ”earn brownie points” with God, or to ease ones own consciousness, or for some spiritual selfish purpose,- then one is going about it in the wrong mode, and therefore one must revaluate ones heart and inner motives.
This is a service that must be given from a selfless point within the depths of ones own innermost BEING,- from ones own inner innate Divinity , issued forth as a decree from that Great Titan residing within us ALL.
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