The Door Where Evil Dwells


White Bird Must Fly;- or She Will Die.

”The Door Where Evil Dwells” .is still somewhat ajar . Thus we have a group of Human Beings who have dedicated themselves to the black arts , and are themselves initiates of unbelievable advanced ,- or ,- ”Spiritual wickedness in High Places’. They are at this time working through the Zionists , a group in the United States , and a further group in the Orient – Middle East . Humanity , and its ways must break down the wall of separatism , learn to ”climb out of the box” so too say …., to undergo transformation , initiation , a heighten sense of Self – Awareness ,Group Conscious , and right human relations .


Using the Art of Detachment to Avoid all forms of Misery.

One of the most valuable virtues one learns  while Treading the Path is that of


detachment from all that would present   astral and emotional  dependence  from the ‘ lower Worlds’ that we all have become so astrally polarized . The astral-emotional bodies can present  many  problems  for those who have  had  long ages,   and thousands of incarnations of being very astral polarized for eons with little  developed mental bodies that are still very feeble to use at the time.  Becoming astral polarized during the 4th Root Race of the Atlantean Epoch was then , the norm. 

Through the Art of Detachment,  we begin to really understand  it’s purpose,  learn to avoid it as if it was second nature.   In meditation deep ,I begin to see the Dark  Tapestry as well as very bad places throughout the vast caves of cosmic evil   ,the many dead planets,  solar systems ,  and even  those   caves of Evil that can take these   that are now in the hands of  Entropy , decay , and the” Forces of Materiality”. These Lords of Materiality receive their  energy  from the ‘Cosmic Astral Planes.   as well as from decaying paths of various evolutionary  Life Streams that have been abandoned for some reason or another. The Guiding Divine  life ,  Logos  , or Being  that had abandoned the Human Evolution untold ages ago when ”Animal Man” of the 3rd Root Race of Lemuria was just getting started some 21 million years ago.  . The true History of Humanity  begins during the Third Root Race. 

Get Hooked up in signing Petitions for Good Causes.



Take your brothers need as the measure of your action , and help solve the problems of the world -Maitreya-

The link above is where my Petitions site is. I work mostly with causes related to Human Rights , Amnesty International , and anything that will speed up the ”Day of Declaration”.  Humanity must prove itself to the Spiritual Hierarchy  that We all really need to change its ways , to live Beyond War. We must raise our vibration above the level  it is at this moment . This ,really is not a hard task. To implement  the Old Golden Rule.

The World Teacher is now amongst us ,- as one of Us.  To Maitreya there is no separation , as all Lifestreams throughout the world are ONE , and are serving a higher purpose  just like ourselves  in the body of a Great Cosmic Being, in which we live , serve , and have our being.


A Thought Concerning Soul Contact and Altruistic Values


By- Mike j Hughes

Almost all those involved in  working  for the Hierarchy  , with a a good measure of altruism as the result of ‘soul-contact’ ,  perhaps an Esotericist  ,and a  Pillar in one’s  Community , -….such a person is not to waste time with the ”purity” of the physical body.  Most of us have passed through that stage a long time ago , and now it is the astral planes that has become the new battleground for most of us at this time

The Commercialization and  various grades of intoxicating  Glamour has become a major form  spiritual vice which favours the rich over the poor . Maitreya  Himself Stated –  –

”How can you sit by and watch My Little Ones die needlessly for lack of food that lies rotting  in the great warehouses of the ”Developed World”  ,- for how long can you let this mindless slaughter continue ,-   and yet call yourselves Men?! ”– Maitreya-               – The World Teacher –

Our man-bearing Planet


This is a New Invocation given to Mankind in order to contact the Spiritual Hierarchy during group meditations ,- also known as ‘Transmission Meditation”


Crosses of Light by- Mike j Hughes

Signs of Maitreya Presence in the World
Signs of Maitreya Presence in the World

These Crosses of Light began appearing  in late 80s or 90s . Many types of window pane can ‘’appear’’ to have a cross due to the way light is manipulated  by the glass. However when this phenomena began the crosses were radiantly giving off Healing energies of remarkable degree all over the globe , heightening peoples  aspirations , giving off a peaceful  deep seated profound understanding into Ones Inner Self Realization  the nature  insight of the coming ‘’World Teacher’’ in whom all advanced units of Humanity know as The Lord Maitreya

He announced  His presence in the world ‘ long ahead of time’, that   is  due to the fact that human technology is reaching a very critical and dangerous level , and the fact that He and the Masters of Wisdom   are getting ready in  walking amongst ‘’The Sons Of Men’’  for the first time 95.000 years  to offset and ‘’foil’ the ‘’Lords of Materiality’’  in spreading universal death throughout the world.

There are Dark Corners around the Globe where ‘’psychic evil’ is leaking into  our world  and  menacing  the  Men  of Goodwill , – not much …..but enough.!!

There are about 3 ‘’Doors Where Evil Dwells’’ that are still ajar ,- one in the United States , 2nd – Eastern Europe ,and 3rd in The Radical Zionist Sphere . It will take yet many thousands of years { 3 or 3.5 thousand years} , – Therefore the Human Race will have One more Great battle between between the forces of good and evil sometime in the distant future that will make all wars of the past look like child’s play.

This will be the final Armageddon , and Man will triumph over Matter.

Gossip. By;- Helena . R. – Agni-Yoga Teachings .

I would like to share an article by;-  Helena R              of the Agni-Yoga Teachings.

Throughout my Life I have been a victim of a low and vicious type of Gossip by people who have issues concerning a low self – esteem .

Gossip is a tool used by those of feeble and weak mental and intellectual capacity and other ”psychic – Vampires” 







There is no worse act of non-comeasurement than to prattle at the dinner table about trifles. There is no worse act of non-comeasurement than to toss slander like a shower of small peas. There is no worse act of non-comeasurement than to defer an urgent action. There is no worse act of non-comeasurement than to show offense like a petty huckster. There is no worse act of non-comeasurement than to renounce responsibility. There is no worse act of non-comeasurement than to cease thinking about beauty. Co-measurement is like the pillar that supports the house.
We even concern ourselves with the painting of the walls: are we then likely to destroy the pillar under the archway? Thoroughly assimilate co-measurement. Illumination, III:IV:10

3. On the Earth we are much concerned about the body; therefore it is necessary to penetrate into the origins of illnesses. A physician could say to the patient “You have an attack of cupidity,” or “the anemia of self-conceit,” or “stones of treachery,” or “a rash of gossip,” or “a stroke of hatred.”…
It would not be amiss to set forth the true causes of the diseases–the spectacle would be instructive.
Friends, I repeat–hold your thoughts pure, this is the best disinfectant and the foremost tonic expedient. Community, 23

4. Urusvati knows how harmful it is to pollute space. We have already offered many indications about how to avoid causing harm, but now We advise you not to dwell on mistakes or remain in places where there is blasphemy or irritation. Gossiping about mistakes pollutes the atmosphere around you, and attracts the fluids that will intensify the original errors. Supermundane II, 282

5. Heartiest thanks for your calm and cheerful attitude toward all the attempts and attacks of the dark ones. Often we have heard warnings about planned intrigues and repressions, but after investigation, in most cases, they proved to be only the inventions of the enemies, who hoped to frighten the weak and thus to sap the strength of the whole movement. But you act excellently and wisely in not ignoring a single tale or piece of gossip. By checking them and then eliminating them, you follow the best policy. Letters of Helena Roerich I, 12 August 1934

6. It has been said and repeated that the hour of discourse about the Teaching must be devoid of ordinary gossip. Even though this hour may be more infrequent, yet its quality must be upheld… One of you, observing what is taking place, becomes a self-appointed overseer and sinks into the pettiest irritation. The fabric of the communion is torn and an unworthy mending is begun. We urge you, even if for only an hour, to be consciously responsible people. If an hour a week is difficult for you, then better meet only every fortnight. Learn how to exclude at that time all troublesome beastly habits–smoking, drinking, eating, shallow gossip, dealings in small affairs, censure, anger…. Surely for one hour one can dismiss personal ventures. If this be difficult, how then can you think about progress and growth of consciousness?… Make an effort to give your discourses beauty, simplicity and purity.
The most unusual problems of knowledge, the most audacious forms of beauty, should force you out of your musty corner. Understand, I wish to see you, at least for a while, particular and able to absorb. These seeds of cooperative thinking will give you the perseverance for attainments. Not only resolve but also persistence is needed. Community, 125

7. It is desirable to widely gather young coworkers. The Teacher would prefer to see an intense searching rather than petty gossip…. Is it possible to think about the community when occupied with gossip? But the difficulty is lessened when we know that the soldiers of slander may be kept beyond the walls of the new cities.
Let slanderers look over the list of everything slandered by them. Will not this be a list of human evolutionary discoveries? No slander has any influence on the effect of evolution. But slander is a devourer of vital fuel, and from the standpoint of goalfitness must be destroyed. An absurd abusive word is not often accompanied by clear-cut thought, but slander, by nature, is akin to everything reared in darkness, and thought carries it inaudibly like an owl in flight.
Someone asks, “Why pay so much attention to slander?” The inquirer does not know about economy of energy.
It is not necessary to grieve about the road’s being littered, but woe to those who strew the rubbish! Community, 208

8. The yogi is not given to hypocrisy; the yogi is not given to gossip against those belonging to the Brotherhood. Such gossip is equal to treason in its consequences. The yogi knows how much he himself is affected by his own thoughts. The yogi welcomes each sign of evolution. The yogi valiantly recognizes the evil of cosmic refuse and quickly destroys the sources of untruth. Agni Yoga, 173

9. Urusvati knows that from time immemorial all the higher Teachers warned about the harm of light-minded criticism. Even so, the majority of humanity is still predisposed to this flaw. In failing to distinguish between a well-founded, just judgment and critical gossiping, people do not realize what irreparable harm they inflict on their neighbors, and on themselves.
People may agree that slander is criminal, but not recognize that they, too, sometimes slander and not even realize the cosmic harm they cause…
It should not be thought that slander sown can easily be uprooted. Regrettably, these poisons have a long life and leave indelible traces in Cosmos. Therefore people should think about the responsibility they bear for their judgments. Proper instruction should contain warnings about ineradicable harm.
The Thinker warned not to dirty the path with light-minded criticism. Supermundane IV, 801

10. People very often utter the most terrible things without even realizing what they have actually said, besides immediately forgetting their words!… Gossip for gossip’s sake amongst the co-workers is an awful thing. But a teacher should be able to discriminate between mean, ignorant, idle talk and that which is more serious and requires his kindly, heartfelt interference. After all, confessions arise from the necessity of the soul to rid itself of all the accumulated energies that hinder progress. Better to confess to a teacher than to strangers. From experience I know how terribly difficult it is to guide people, and what diverse methods one has to apply to keep in accord with the consciousness and character of each individual. But in most cases, friendliness and warmth of the heart bring the best results. Thus, do not be afraid to listen. This will not be an encouragement of gossip and slander but, rather, a psychological operation on those who trust you, or a mental prophylaxis for them. In many cases you will find the needed explanation and give a warm, encouraging word; and in other cases you will find the words of severity that are necessary. Letters of Helena Roerich I, 18 April, 1935

From Form , to Consciousness .

Adeptus MIt is well known that within 8 seconds of meeting someone we have already made an opinion as to who they are ,-whatever that may mean!. It is very important that we see eye to eye with no disguise, that we may see the Light in each others eyes, and that brotherhood is a living reality and the rule to live by. On a soul level wherein our Higher Self resides, lies the Titanic Greatness we all share.

The mind belt upon the lower astral and mental planes is a dark cloak of negative and highly destructive energy that man himself has energized and created over many eons through violent, misuse ,and insane abuse of the substance of the lower mental planes. It now stands  that this god awful mess is of our own doing. The karmic result of such crimes on the mental planes have resulted in many various diseases,-  the terrible agony of mind of which we see in the cases of mental illness , the heavy fate of insanity which is the lot of  many human creatures  throughout human history ,and so  up to our present time as a suffering ,confused,and frightened humanity.

The work of dissolving and healing the harm of all the insane thought forms will be slow , tedious, painful,and arduous over the eons to come. As the race of men become increasingly polarized on the mental planes, and when humanity learns,- and can understand the fact that “thoughts are things“that can harm or heal,;-then, and only then , will the race of men become true magicians knowing the laws of correct thought form building for the working out the “Plan;; on earth and  become as co-creators of the Divine Universal Mind.