Rooftop Forrest Project Mike j Hughes



Our man-bearing Planet

 Rooftop Forrest Project Mike j Hughes

A few days ago I was on a bus in the downtown inner city. I was in deep contemplation while observing the countless ”skyscrapers ” using the ‘Maps App’.
I really love using Maps to explore the City’s of the world while having coffee at Starbucks . I enjoy this technology . Then suddenly I became hyper alert as to the damage we are doing to the ecology of the planet we call our home . A sense of responsibility as to my part to play in the regeneration and health of the ecology. Every child from the cradle to the grave must have that respect , and Love for all that breaths..

There is a way of cleaning the air in large industrial Cities . Most buildings and skyscrapers have nothing going on the roofs.
Why not make gardens, lots of green shrubs ,and trees on the top of these buildings. This can get to be a creative thing to do. . I don’t mean ”one roof here and one on the south side ”. and all that B.S ,- I’m talking about a Global Effort .
This itself will be a major project spanning over many years …..decades ?


I’m hoping people will at least take this advice , start talking about it.
To my mind We ALL should be discussing this as a major long term project that will grow wherever team are educating the public concerning temperature seasonal , tropical , and the like.
Like the Hanging Gardens of the Persian Empire.
Think about all that space , on every building in the Great Cities of the World.

This will be a major step forward . These ”Roof-Top” Wilderness’s can have a powerful way of cleaning the air in,-which these wilderness feed on anyway..
Large building s with big roof tops can replace the greenery , trees , shrubs, lawns.
I know for a fact that this will take a little adaption .
In the long run this will increase the health of humanity as well.
This is a no-brainier. The greenery plowed to put up a building can be compensated putting that greenery on the top of , and make use of some of the these ugly buildings.

To Me this is just common sense .
Of course many building must be excluded such as Helicopter pads for Hospitals and Government Building and the such.
Imagine landing while entering an Airport , and all the beautiful rich foliage cleaning the atmosphere , and producing a huge amount of oxygen .
The PRANA [ vital energy ] levels will offer major health benefits.

Of course we can’t have them on Helicopter Landings. building s as Hospitals
All this greenery will , as well make an improvements on the overall health of ALL Humanity.
I almost called a Press Meeting to explain here what exactly I am trying to get across to the city masses .
All trees, shrubs , gardens , green foliage will have an enormous effect on the health of the body , brain , and and general overall health to the mind and spirit
Now this may ,- or may not have a high maintenance ,- but far worth the effort to make a start in this interesting experiments that could have a long term effect at keeping our City as clean as possible . for the generations to come ‘

This , indeed will leave its touchpaper of achievement. a the restoring quality of health for all humanity’s benefit for generations to come .
The Beautifying of thousands of cities all over the world will make the approach to Self- Realization , and soul contact ,- a much easier and a pleasant experience Life after Life After Life ,, so many variety of Ways. knowing , and living are before us all .We ,- – the Human Race , are in for some activity over the next couple of Hundreds of years.
We All know that some kind of Event could now be afoot . We Have a massive ”Quickening”’of knowledge and awareness unlike no other time ‘ in World History.

This project of ”Rooftop Forests ” will produce an increase in the health of all that breaths.

If this Project go’s ahead, or even as a model city . The ‘pranic’ energies will register high ,-thus we can live long happy lives.


Social Media has done it’s work in tearing down walls ,- …thus allowing freedom to talk and share ideas . It certainly had an effect in doing it’s part in The ”Arab Spring”, and throwing Dictators out of Powerful which they have abused for so long..
The responsibility of having and maintaining a healthy Biosphere is through Service , a healthy equilibrium in the Human Psyche .
This means having control over our ”Lunar Bodies” , such as the Emotional-Astral, the physical , and a good measure of control over the Mental development and control.
When all Humanity can work together , and contact the Inner World ,then we could see an early development in what many know as ”Telepathic Rapport” which billions will develop by the end of the Aquarius Dispensation.

Always remember ,- ALL our past actions have brought us to where we stand now as the Human Family .

Our actions and deeds ,- good and bad , follow us into each and every re-birth and Life cycle.

A new Spiritual Tradition is now opening for the younger people , and hence the opportunity for Western man to make the same great achievements as The Christ,the Buddha , Krishna , Maitreya , and so many who are coming up to the 1st initiation or the 2nd initiation.

The signs are everywhere ,- ‘ young people are increasingly packing around a yoga-mats , the smell of powerful fine herb people are smoking is pervading everywhere. This is creating a right atmosphere and a catalyst for what may be a new and higher form of expression in the Arts , Sciences , Medicine , Technology , and Social Media .

One of the main things that need attention right now is our whole Bio-Sphere . . This means restoring the great oxygen we once had in such abundance .

Please talk about this idea , share it with others , write those who can implement this ”Rooftop Forests ”. Hopefully , the entire world will follow suit.

Now I have planted a ”seed idea” that needs only the worlds attention and contemplation , practicality that only others can extend. g

This Idea will take shape in the consciousness of the masses , and ,- as a practical policy

This all depends of course on man’s awakening to a Higher Self Awareness of the purpose of Life and the re-ceasing view and our up-lifting of Spiritual values the way one understands , and not some limited conditioning of the Universal , [ ”The One About Whom Not Can Be Said ” ] .

The moment We put a label upon this UN-knowable ,- we only dwarf and feebly limit it’s Reality.


The Only Way to truly understand ,- IS to BECOME THAT which we seek, Affirm it’s reality.

If One Looks with understanding , patience , then the Truth is open , and visible for ALL to see.

The ”Age of Materialism ” will ,- over many Generations slip away , thus allowing for a New Golden Age, and a Age of a True Spiritual Renaissance . -, of which the world has ever seen . Many of us will not be able to see it’s full flowering , as many of us who are now evolving on Earth will be in Devachan. No matter , for , many more will come and go to see events taking place thousands of years to come. Those , are Great Cycles that will come and go as the

The World Teacher , Maitreya , – will be here and there , [ sometimes , -perhaps doing 2 -3 tasks in service at the same time all over the world ].

A time is now close and near. Not everyone is going to like Maitreya’ as Teacher in all Human endeavors.

Now , stop and think about this , and tell the world about it.

Many will stick to the old ways that the age of Pieces, conditioning their way of life.

Moreover there are great opportunities at this time for millions to take part and be a Member of The New Group of World Servers.

Those Human beings working in this group know the fact that members in these groups are [ for now ] , unconscious of each other , as they come from many walks of life. And are people who need to serve in a way that will have a profound impact in bringing more ”’Light on the Path”.

Remember well my dear friends ,- you and every other Human Being have the Divine Light , working within us all,

Shine your Light, healing energies , Talents , and let your life reflect who you really are , – and not the way

If you are kind , gentle , respect them, and Love ALL -then they shall surely, and slowly begin to respect you .As for myself- I have found myself in a very versatile potential to work on Landscaping . airports , washing dishes , building houses , worked as a deckhand on a fishing Cash-Boat, and much more.

Today I shall re-dedicate myself to working harder that all may know that a Wise Teacher of the likes that no one in all human history has ever seen.

The Teacher is Coming .

If only the Human Race had a vision and a goal to keep the Ecology strong and ever so beautiful . We are all passing through a very ugly time . Humanity must be honest ,sincere , and true to himself.

If We are all going to get rid of fear , then we must secure for ourselves , a sturdy solid place upon on the mental plane . The most painful Period for the man , when incarnation. As a 1rst Initiation is from there to the Second is ;- the most painful stage of treading the PATH of Initiation , and it can be very slow at times.

There are about 6– 7 incarnations between these two initiations. Sometimes only three Lives, …and sometimes , although rare , there have been those that have had 18 -24 incarnations .!Very Rare indeed.

However with the Christ now in the World , with His energies that come to saturate the planet are going to unbelievable when coming to the general health of humanity as one Race.




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