The Titan Within By;- Mike j Hughes ‎03/‎08/‎2013


Spokespersons for the World Teacher.
Restore the Plan on Earth.

Always remember  ,    within us all sit`s a Great Titan,- which is our very own Higher Self .
In Fact we are all returning Buddha`s who have spent eons in pralaya- in unalloyed Bliss in the Highest Heavens , resting after millions of years- , after a long series of countless thousands of lives’ in the previous solar system . This Divine Titan within us all had achieved things so glorious and so incredibly cosmic in their origin that it would be a feeble attempt indeed to in any way to comprehend.

Yes within all sits that Divine Titan bathed in cosmic splendour and radiance .

Within 95% of humanity this Great Spark of Divine Fire still sleeps within the greater bulk of humanity today. This simply means that ,-as yet , most have not yet awakened and aroused this Higher Living Principle within them due to ignorance and various cultural and ideological conditioning.

This my friend is the cause of all suffering and agony of mind imaginable . A Great Divine Being is never “just born“, but has become wise and so incredibly advanced through countless eons of suffering , trials, and testing throughout many man-bearing globes of our evolutionary chain.

Within Each and everyone of us is an exact replica of the entire cosmos , and it`s Creator,- who lives forever within us,- as us

As the cosmos ever expands upon it`s macro cosmic scale,-throughout eternity, then , through an esoteric corresponding analogy is the human conscious awareness in an everlasting state of Becoming.


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