No Such Thing as Holy War

By;- Mike j Hughes

Hi everybody , – soon I will be 50 years young . I am doing my rituals in  keeping a youthful appearance , staying strong , indifferent, detached , and aligned  with the Real Man ,- or if you like ,- the Inner Titan that resides within all of us .
Please Brothers and Sisters ,- engage yourselves in the altruistic fields of endeavour that will work out for the ”good” of the whole  .
Altruism gives you a warm comforting sense of reality , …and  , in time – a initiated  Pillar within your ”sphere of Influence”. 
If this Human Civilization does not begin to lose the whole concept  of money, gold , and the  idea of material advancement , then we are all preparing for our own doom by our own hands. 

As we know things are getting very tense in the Middle East ,- and we have the problem of how to handle those fleeing for their lives because of some ”infidels” who call themselves ”I.S”.
These very  small selfish creatures have perverted their faith, and committed murder , rape , beheadings ,- all in the name of their god -[ or their devils ] , and thus justify their deeds in the name of  a Holy Man and Spiritual Teacher,-  Mohammad .
Remember always ,- the fact that these terrorists are using and perverting a Spirituality that they  do not even have the merit  nor deserve to be called members of Islam.
Groups like this are all over the world , and they need to hurt others so they can sexually climax , and thus pass judgement on others in order to make themselves feel better.          Share the news of Maitreya                  Lucis Trust.  Esoteric Study, Alice . A . Bailey.    The 24 Books By Alice A Bailey and D.K  – Theosophy and Occult.      World Goodwill Site.    A collection of almost 1000 online articles, organized by topic     List of Spiritual -Occult- Theosophy Links.

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