A Thought Concerning Soul Contact and Altruistic Values


By- Mike j Hughes

Almost all those involved in  working  for the Hierarchy  , with a a good measure of altruism as the result of ‘soul-contact’ ,  perhaps an Esotericist  ,and a  Pillar in one’s  Community , -….such a person is not to waste time with the ”purity” of the physical body.  Most of us have passed through that stage a long time ago , and now it is the astral planes that has become the new battleground for most of us at this time

The Commercialization and  various grades of intoxicating  Glamour has become a major form  spiritual vice which favours the rich over the poor . Maitreya  Himself Stated –  –

”How can you sit by and watch My Little Ones die needlessly for lack of food that lies rotting  in the great warehouses of the ”Developed World”  ,- for how long can you let this mindless slaughter continue ,-   and yet call yourselves Men?! ”– Maitreya-               – The World Teacher –

Our man-bearing Planet


This is a New Invocation given to Mankind in order to contact the Spiritual Hierarchy during group meditations ,- also known as ‘Transmission Meditation”



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