Review on ”Treaties on Cosmic Fire” –Mike H

Well ,- it took me many years to read it over several times before I began  having some  understanding of how  cosmos works through all its  various grades of Spiritual and the Lunar Hierarchies, and  how Humanity fits into the grand scheme of cosmic evolution.
Been a student of esoteric occultism for  years ,- since the age of about 13 or so.

As a young teenager, many of the adults in my life thought as always , that I was just passing through a temporary ”phase”. However over time, as   I entered my late teens and  early 20’s I began to take My studies more serious , as I pondered , contemplated ,  engaging   in the ”art” of meditation ,and a group meditation known as ”Transmission meditation”.
This was a new kind of meditation  which was given to Benjamin Creme’ by His Teacher ,- who is a Master of Wisdom of a highly developed constitution .

”A Treatise on Cosmic Fire” was a major undertaking  as a  project, and after a while  I went to a great bookstore and purchased about 6 or 7 books by;- Alice .A . Bailey Books .
It was not long before I accumulated a  personal library with all  the books being the Alice . A. Bailey Teachings , H . P Blavatsky , Benjamin Creme’ The Agni-Yoga , Leadbeater , Michael Robinson , and so much other related materials.

These books alone have had a profound effect on my life , and have given me
an inner realization of how big , vast, and beyond comprehension  is both outer and inner cosmos.
One day  all will evolve far beyond  the Human stage of evolution , to become  in cycles far and  distant,-  planetary and solar Logoi

We are in a perpetually state of Becoming , and eternal unfoldment revealing layer after layer and Glory after Glory of THAT TITAN in us ALL. Share the news of Maitreya Lucis Trust. Esoteric Study, Alice . A . Bailey. The 24 Books By Alice A Bailey and D.K

The Darker aspects of the Astral Planes.


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