Dangers of Dark Magic

Some of the lower  Imps and elemental s can ,- in most cases be harmless  However they can at times prove to be mischievous in their activities.
For example they  . enter and use these decomposing psychic astral ”shells” in the same way a child will dress up in adult cloths and boots ,- and we have all seen this ridiculous and funny behaviour with our little ones. So the analogy is clear to the student of occultism , – amusing as it is. On these levels of the lower astral planes are also to be found the ”shells ,” wraiths” . and psychic decomposition of all that is worse in humanity, because the real Spirit of those who have gone through the ”death struggle ”, the ”second death” so to say ,- and have left behind alot of astral and psychic energy, sex passion , the animal side of their nature , and of course the remaining evil karma which will follow them in their next incarnation after a long rest in devachan, { or in the heavenly worlds. }  they must return to untangle the mess that the personal egoic  unit has set in motioned on the physical , astral , and mental planes ,- -the realm of human endeavour ,- the very planet itself ,”in which we live , move , and have our being”


The real danger to the  human being is the gathering into their aura ,- or ”sphere of Influence” of unwanted and filthy disembodied human egos who will attach themselves and remain within the students astral body, and to tempt them to do acts of violence , murder , addictions ,wanton cruelty and a whole host of nameless sexual perversions and unnatural abominations.

Those who have  inner sight can see the problem due to the sensitivity of their finer bodies. Most of the time it is in the solar plexus , and the centre of polarization for the vast bulk of Humanity for a long time to come.


4 thoughts on “Dangers of Dark Magic

  1. It siple People think black magic is fun, but it is a crime. It starts with bending spoons and ends with destryoing buildings and the nuclear bomb. It’s all magic, aiming towards harmony. Justice is a law of nature, and can only be delayed, not stopped. Truth is required.

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