The Gayatri. – The Most . by ;- Reflections- Foster Bailey

Lucis Trust.

O Thou Who givest sustenance to the universe,
From Whom all things proceed,
To Whom all things return,
Unveil to us the face of the true Spiritual Sun
Hidden by a disc of golden Light
That we may know the Truth And do our whole duty
As we journey to Thy sacred feet.

humanity has ever had. When even partially understood its potency is very great. The Gayatri places our destiny as part of a cosmic Plan, the majesty of which we cannot comprehend. It is a declaration of ultimate victory to be achieved by knowing the truth and doing our whole duty, and this we do as we journey to God’s sacred feet. In the Gayatri we pray to the creator of the entire universe and so establish the beginnings of a conscious relationship, transcending all limitations of “the one supreme God”. Its use builds into our deepest consciousness the reality that man is God-created and not the mere result of a biological urge.


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