The Coming American Uprising . By;- Mike j Hughes

Written              June 17 , 2013

Humanity is under great stress , much agony of mind abounds everywhere. The masses are groping in the darkness of their mass ignorance .
Terrible conflicts are about to unfold from shore to shore here upon this North American continent. This uprising will be the result of many issues piling up , and that have not yet been evened out according to karmic Law.
The coming future ”terror attacks” are going to have very profound effects , and will change the way we all live. People are abusing fire arms, and shootings are a daily occurrence , that indeed is going to bring changes now in their planning stages
People , like no other time in history, will be marching and protesting ,..and , violent…unfortunately .

It is here in North America that will see the most powerful and effective demonstrations ,- because these national uprisings are very rare here in the ”civilized” and developed nations of the world . An international and violent stressed out phase will then run it’s course .
People all over the world will , by this time,- realize that humanity , on it’s own ,- can not deal with this unique and rare event .
We are approaching the ”point of no return” . This goes for the entire human race as a dire warning to change our ways , prepare to climb out of the astral slime of delusion ,rotting human filth , thus into a greater measure of Light that will clear away the glamor , and selfish delusions infesting the human psyche’ .

The human pain and suffering is an in-vocative cry for help. Many unbelievable advanced beings are aware of our planetary crisis and have come to assist and prepare the way for the ‘World Teacher’.
A great gathering of the forces of Light are now taking place. Humanity does indeed have many friends who  hope and pray we emerge victorious over matter, and thus become increasingly polarized on high spiritual levels of our being .
Life in the developed Nations of our world are about to change , in learning lessons , and various mental growths that are painful , – thank goodness- , because this will reveal the ugliest vice of greed and commercialization that is causing millions to lose and forget all wholesome values that are good for ALL. .

It is a stated fact that we in the West use and waste 80% of the resources in the world while millions starve in a world of plenty. If humanity heeds not this dire warning ,- then the future will be bleak and war torn,… thus plunging Humanity into a new Dark Age lasting perhaps eons to recover.

The North American up- rising is coming sooner than you think. The arriving conflict will teach Humanity that greed , Racism , Arrogance , Lying , Picking Fights , and the ugly human filth of commercialization .
All this must now end . We must yield to the living waters of Life more abundantly as humanity seeks to rise upon the planes until we can all work and focused on the mental planes .

The North American up-rising will be the karmic retribution from what is listed above. If then humanity becomes more as a leader then we will get through this. However if the West , and America learns nothing from this ,-then we can look forward to a second American Civil War!!. ”Bring it on”!!!
Pray for humanity , and visualize a wonderful new world of sharing , cooperation, and happier times ahead for ALL.


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