Bad Drug. By;- Mike j Hughes.

I am going to share my own experience , and how Benzodiazepines have taken their toll on my life and interactions .

These drugs along with many others in that class of tranquilizers are so very dangerous indeed .

I am 47 years old and have been on a number of drugs classed as ”Benzos”.

When I first started using Benzos over 24 years ago , they did the job quite fine, because,….all in all – at that time I was engaged in a work involving Self Transformation , going through some years in the study of spiritual Occultism , Theosophy , the Masters of Wisdom , Hinduism , Buddhism , along with group and solo meditation along the lines of service .

I will be honest to the world , so that others may learn from My experience , and thus save them from a lifetime of terrible withdraw that can plunge it’s way into your head and open ones psyche to the lowest , dark, and an emotional-astral state that may last for years, depending on how long you have been using , how much you are taking, and all kinds of various other complications ,- of which I am not in a positions to speak due to the fact that I am not a Doctor.

However I can , and will share my experience from what I myself went through during such hellish days of my , and millions of others lives.

For some time I was  messed up on opiates such as Morphine , Methadone, and so on.

I Would go through withdrawl ,   discomfort , pain all over like a bad case of some powerful  fever. During an Opiate withdraw , all the above will be very unpleasant .

There have been times When I would go through , ……and suffer from a double withdraw.

That indeed is a ”Nightmare Creeping Death.

So many people are self medicating , and taking all kinds of drugs that can potentially be deadly , causing , in time ,- to ones own demise , or in a padded room.

As to my experience , I would rather go through 10 years of opiate withdrawal than three days of Benzos withdraw.

Benzos are extremely dangerous , and withdrawing from them can be fatal indeed.!!

Perhaps some day in the distant future , we all will look back to the primitive age of junk science . We will some day know how clumsy humanity has been down through the ages in their efforts to bring comfort for people in need.

If one needed to buy these pills here in Vancouver B.C , then one would could easily do so by going Downtown to Main and Hastings , { or rather Pain and Wastings!!! }

Not far from where I live one can get a whole lot of various drugs. For example drugs such as all in the Benzos class , Opiates, Mushrooms , L.S.D , Dex , and so much more.

Withdrawing from these Benzos is hell , and I wish it on nobody. This is a battle to the end .

I have great Divine potential,- as ALL do, and therefore must exercise the Will, and find a life free without being dependant on such filth and other vice that are highly destructive.

It is a Big Ball and Chain that keeps you locked into one grid.

Despite my addiction problems I am a quiet peaceful soul who only desire is to help myself , and of course others suffering under similar conditions.

The future of treating addictions and other abnormal morbidities will , and are being developed right now as I write these words.

Please believe me when I speak and write these words ,-..for I have been there , have been through the hell of withdraw from both Opiates and of course – Benzos .

Being a Spiritual Teacher of sorts in no way makes me a ”superman” . I am as well a Human being who is subject to all kinds of weaknesses and temptations just as any other Human being.

If I am to remain as a true Human Soul then I must not wallow in the stench of self pity , that will only , in the end , become a heavy tax upon My health and well-being .

Well , life must move on .

My addictions , and the legions of hardship that will follow me in future incarnations are of my own making, – I have no one to blame but Myself.

However the most important thing as I have said before ,- is not to wallow in self-pity that can make one bitter , sour , un happy , thus declining health, and a bigger host of problems that will follow one for a very long time indeed.

I felt the need to write this and let the reader know the dangers of many a drug ”’They” , { ” Big Pharma”}, wants to test the populous

Well ,..that’s what I feel I needed to say , as one who survived this ”Nightmare Creeping Death” .

If you’re a drug user ,..fine, what…but please , .if you have not dabbled with the Benzos ,- like Valium , Ativan , Clonazepam, { ”Rivys” } , Xanax , and other related drugs ,..then PLEASE!! don’t even dare risk being swept up into that spinning chaotic mess!!

I have much more to reveal about how selfless service , creativity , sharing , art , meditation can help us to heal from such a powerful and destructive lifestyle.

I have so much to share with you all ,- however much too long . I will have to write half a page or whatever in future issues of ”The Carnegie” .

May we all love and take care of each other during the changes to come .

Your Friend ;- Mike Hughes.

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