Big Changes. By;- Mike j Hughes

It seems as if every time I go into a deep meditation I am bombarded by strange visions of the near , and the far distant future .
Some time ago I was meditating one night and did enquire to my Parent Star, or – my ” higher self” , what my old stomping grounds will look like two thousand years into the future.

I live here in the city of Vancouver British Columbia all my life , and was very concerned as to how the terrain and general geography will look like two thousand years from now.

As is my way, ; I sat in my big chair and intoned the
” Great Invocation” , next I slowed down My heart rate and commanded the ” elementals” within my ‘sphere of influence’ to bring their activities to a very quiet and calm activity.

During my meditation , I have tapped into future visions for the City of Vancouver.
My first vision was in regards to the Burrard Inlet , which, to my amazement will not exist over the next few hundred years or so.
This suggests to me that the Burrard Inlet has been filled in , and was filled in artificially to connect North Vancouver , and thus provide valuable Real-estate for a growing city , – of which the filled in Inlet will make possible .

During my vision I looked at what is now Richmond , Delta , Queensborough , and a few other places , and it appears that some sort of seismic activity has thrusted these low-lying flat-lands upward a few hundred feet or so.
To my amazement I noticed that Vancouver Island was now attached to the mainland ,- and I did take note of the fact that there were roads of some kind that went from Vancouver – to Victoria without any water to cross.
So beautiful indeed was the sky which I found to be so clean , pure , and a dark blue in which even some stars could be seen in the clean smog less daytime sky.

As I ended my meditation I became aware of the fact that there was no noise pollution , and the air was not so thick with stress , feeble minded people , and loathsome cheap commercialization , which , to my mind, – has destroyed life in the West. We all have seen the devastating events of September 11 , 2001 , ….. and seen the results of a profound corrupt commercialization when America was stricken by the ”Lords of Karma”, I.E –
[ The Law of cause and Effect}.
The living standards in the developed world , and those in poverty stricken and undeveloped places around the world , – must give way to a sense of unity and fairness.
Every man , woman , and child , has the responsibility in the gradual healing and transformation of our ‘Planet’ as a living, breathing , and a Self – Conscious ”Being” with a high degree of Cosmic vision that is beyond our understanding.

Sharing the resources of the world is , and will, produce more stability and constructive activity that will be along the lines of ‘ right human relationships’ based on sharing and Trust.

I Bless ALL humanity regardless of Race , Colour , Religion , or no Religion , Greatness will emerge from all peoples,- Hate Destroys the Soul of anyone who tries’ to Teach It.


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