From Form , to Consciousness .

Adeptus MIt is well known that within 8 seconds of meeting someone we have already made an opinion as to who they are ,-whatever that may mean!. It is very important that we see eye to eye with no disguise, that we may see the Light in each others eyes, and that brotherhood is a living reality and the rule to live by. On a soul level wherein our Higher Self resides, lies the Titanic Greatness we all share.

The mind belt upon the lower astral and mental planes is a dark cloak of negative and highly destructive energy that man himself has energized and created over many eons through violent, misuse ,and insane abuse of the substance of the lower mental planes. It now stands  that this god awful mess is of our own doing. The karmic result of such crimes on the mental planes have resulted in many various diseases,-  the terrible agony of mind of which we see in the cases of mental illness , the heavy fate of insanity which is the lot of  many human creatures  throughout human history ,and so  up to our present time as a suffering ,confused,and frightened humanity.

The work of dissolving and healing the harm of all the insane thought forms will be slow , tedious, painful,and arduous over the eons to come. As the race of men become increasingly polarized on the mental planes, and when humanity learns,- and can understand the fact that “thoughts are things“that can harm or heal,;-then, and only then , will the race of men become true magicians knowing the laws of correct thought form building for the working out the “Plan;; on earth and  become as co-creators of the Divine Universal Mind.


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