Use Your God – Given Gift. By;- Mike j Hughes

After 30 years of study and research in all fields  of esoteric train of thought,- I have come to the conclusion that every human being that  walks upon the earth has some sort of special ability that all ,-through  human evolutionary  conditioning; , possesses,  as part of their unique  standing as a spiritual beings, – something to bring and to contribute to the community to which they move , live , and have their being.

The tension , stress , and unbelievable agony of mind  is  sensed by all who are in any degree astrally-emotionally sensitive as to the global and humanitarian crisis infesting human civilization , along with  the   billions of living creatures that constitute the  lower kingdoms in  nature  .  The entire globe and it’s thriving bio-sphere, is – unto itself , a living , breathing entity into   which a highly advanced cosmic Being has taken incarnation ,; { and , to repeat once more,} –   we all , as tiny cells and organisms , live, move , and have our Being.

then countless millions would find and discover  within  themselves a whole treasure of  beautiful  altruistic  virtues  and gifts that would make a wonderful  contribution in the ongoing transformation of our civilization along more sane and rational modes of living based on sharing and worldwide  cooperation.

It is high time for humanity to reinvent itself in order to unfold and release it’s awesome and unbelievable potential. – My Blog. My Facebook Page Return of the Christ- 5 stars


If Christ or Buddha returned today would you recognize him?

The one expected by all religions has come. He is here for all people, religious and non religious alike. He will inspire an end to hunger, injustice and war. He returns with his group, the Masters of Wisdom, and his face and words will soon be known to all.

“My task will be to show you how to live together as brothers.
This is simpler than you imagine, my friends, for it requires only the acceptance of sharing. Sharing, indeed, is divine.”
—Maitreya the World Teacher

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