The Struggle Towards our Innate Divinity.

Their is  an ever growing group of human beings living , and or now, coming into incarnation – who`s hearts are aflame with humanitarian aspirations to improve the awful and depraved conditions of which life on this planet  is now passing through,- with all the suffering, war, corruptness, and the ongoing agony of mind everywhere to be seen . A growing body of men and woman from all walks of life are   now at last  beginning to communicate, and are banding together to prepare for the biggest event in human history, – preparing the way for the “Coming One“,- The World Teacher- Maitreya,  and-  The Elder Brother of Humanity. Their are millions of humanitarian aspirants at this time who knowingly, or un-knowingly are working and labouring selflessly for this coming Global Event.

The ever-burning aspiration will climb higher with each incarnation until the hour strikes!! Do not despair my Friends , for we all must play the game of Life if we are to regain our lost , and that so ancient Divinity that brings with it memories of Radiance and Cosmic Bliss.

This is the goal for the spiritual evolution of all humanity, – so remember my dear Friends, that we are all in this together . We all Dream Big Dreams. ,…each and everyone of us in the course of our long evolutionary journey will always aspire for better times . And they are a coming.!! Until we have learned all that can be experienced here on Earth we will continue to reach..and fall…..reach and fall….reach and fall………..Until the hour strikes.!

A Great man is not born, a Buddha is not born, a Christ is not born, a Leonardo da Vinci is not born, and neither is a Plato, Jon Anderson, George Washington,..and so on. No they are not just born as flukes or freaks of nature. I say again , they are not Born,…..but are -made- and have evolved through aeons of suffering through countless incarnations.

If we too are to regain this lost Greatness and Awesome Divinity then we must earn it through  aeons of  lives  , of self,SACRIFICE, ,service, and suffering. Remember you can not  reach out  and give compassion ,or embrace Humanity with your Divine Love to others until you yourself have endured every form of suffering their is under the sun. This  will  take many thousands of incarnations , -but through our efforts as individuals we can speed up this process by service, trust, selfless  giving , study, giving,  right Human Relations , and sharing the resources of the world, and so on .

Many Esoteric Schools posit the idea that man will reach the acme of spiritual development only during the nth sub-race of the nth Root Race. This is just a thoughtless overlook so to speak…obviously..? However their are those even now who have achieved full adept ship , and have elected to remain with Humanity and to work under Great exalted Beings such as the Silent Watcher who name can now be given and known as Sanat Kumara- He has many names,- “Youth of Endless Summers“, “Ancient of Days“, “The Great Sacrifice“, “The Dark Hidden Father“, The Morning Star“, and the “Silent Watcher.“

As many of you may know , ..this planet is a great experiment ,  and has been converted to adapt to conditions whereby many lifeforms came into existence. But unfortunately many became failures even after millions of years of evolution. This planet was once the point of a great “cosmic failure“, and many dumb,-or rather “mindless races“roamed the Earth long before We, as the “Sparks of Angelic Divinity“ Fell from our High abode and took incarnation into what was then animal man. We are fallen and incarnated Angels who did not leave  our High Abode out of rebellion,- but rather as a Great Sacrifice to make  primitive men at that time a thinking, rational, cultured , and refined Human beings.


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