The Revealing. By;- Mike j Hughes

You all are Invited to check out my blog . I present knowledge and information I have come across over the last 25 years or so as a spiritual occultist.

I never try to turn people over to my way of thinking. I simply present ideas for you to research for yourselves , and to come to your own conclusions to accept or reject as you see fit.

If you accept this information contained here , then that’s just fine . On the other hand I will not be in the least offended if you do not accept my research ,writings, and post’s by others,- in fact I will be pleased to know that you have the wisdom to not believe in anything anyone person tells you.

I always do my ”homework” with each and every blog entry I write ,and with many years of research of Theosophy, Alice. A Bailey Teachings dictated by the Master D.K- 2nd Ray- , The Agni Yoga Teachings from the Master Morya -1st Ray.

At about the age of 16 I came across a 7 volume set of books called ”The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East” by B.T. Spalding . These Teachings had a big impact in my life , my spirituality, and outlook on life began to take shape, and a firm foundation upon which would be a lifelong quest of study meditation, and altruistic service as a way of life for me.

As I entered my 20’s I discovered the books of artist and esoteric researcher Benjamin Crème’. For many years I was involved with a very tight Transmission Meditation group, which is a meditation providing a wonderful way to serve ones fellow-man and a very practical way to work with the Masters by stepping down powerful cosmic energies that would otherwise be too high and powerful to be of any use to humanity as they would just ”bounce off” the bulk of humanity and do very little or nothing practical.

Transmission Meditation provided me with a way to serve and be of use to the Masters and the rather large group with which I was working with at that time during the 80’s and 90’s . Doing Transmission Meditation is not a way to meet and greet with the Masters ,-however it is a very practical way to work with the Masters , a powerful way to serve humanity, and a potent method of inner spiritual growth.

Many years ago ,- before the World Wide Web, I was submitting my articles to small and localized magazines and News Letters. Ten years ago I got my first computer and realized the fact that I can now share information on a wider scale , reaching many more people. I have studied the occult and The Ageless Wisdom Teachings all my life . However I realize the fact that if I do not share my acquired knowledge and live a life of altruism, service, compassion, and release the Light of that inner radiance of the Human Soul,-..then I have lived my life in vain and have wasted a whole incarnation of what could have been very fruitful and productive incarnation.

The way I see it , through my own experience,- one should never study these lofty Teachings of the occult until one has done a complete examination of ones motives and to ascertain for themselves the development of the mental body. Until a need and desire to serve ones fellow man is beginning to make it’s presence felt within the heart ,coupled with an intelligent ability to think and see oneself as playing a small mosaic part as a World Server , and stand as a Pillar within ones own community.

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