The Quality of a Medium. By;- Mike j Hughes




I was asked once about the question of a Mediums Life and reliability                                         I answered–

This question can sometimes be very difficult to answer. A medium can only attract to themselves those of the same moral and spiritual development as themselves. If you have a medium who is an alcoholic, or sex addict, a swindler, narcissist, or depraved in some way , – then only those disembodied egos of like mindedness will the medium be able to channel.

On the other hand , if the medium is of pure heart, sound, loving, disciplined, caring, and highly spiritual , -then again ,those of kindred vibration will come to the mediums aid. Those who wish to be mediums are therefore warned to develop a high degree of spirituality, altruism, love, purity of motives, and self control. If one is not virtuous and pure ,then you are risking to attract around yourself some very unclean, unevolved egos , and those of unspeakable depravity . This type of unclean medium-ship will wreak havoc and destroy your health, mind, and your life, before realizing the horror that you have been practicing the darkest and most cruel of all black arts ,…necromancy



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