Talk Radio for Our Time. By;- Mike j Hughes



I discovered the Coast to Coast  a.m Art Bell show way back in 1997 during which most of these classic shows were playing on my local radio station.

It is obviously clear that our man-bearing planet is passing through , and experiencing violent shifts , drastic changes within every avenue of human endeavour on the physical, astral-emotional, and upon the mental planes as humanity struggles to keep up and grapple with the tremendous quickening that is surging us forward into a time of uncertain crisis, forcing us to evaluate and ponder upon the real values , that if adopted , will usher in a time of joy , world cooperation, sharing, trust, brotherhood, -and at last the precipitation of a wonderful glorious Human Civilization that will ensure our passage through the Gates of Initiation and the eternal unfoldment of our Divine Potential as Sons of God.

Many of the guest’s Art Bell has had on His show are a bit flaky,- such as – John Lear, the Zeta Group, Elizabeth Clare Prophet,….oh,-and of course we can’t forget DR Doom-Major Ed Dames,-though I found Him to be very entertaining and as well as intriguing at times.
Yes there have been a lot of ding bats and basket cases .
However there has been very many guest’s who are highly gifted and are now  sounded out a warning of what our future could be if we do not get our shit together and start cooperating together as a One World Community”.

This night time talk radio came into existence all those years ago by Art Bell,- who was , I believe  inspired by one of the Master’s just at the right time , and the same time when the World Wide Web and internet was born , how fitting is that!!.
All who study the esoteric doctrines know for a fact that their is a definite ”PLAN” that is working itself out as humanity comes of age,  and is for the first time, beginning to think in terms of events in a Global scale.

Many millions are now speaking their minds and are no longer putting up with tyranny and , as a result, many dictators are becoming fearful of their own people because they know it is ”game over” for them as they are now falling one by one.

A great transformation is now taking place everywhere and all can feel the need for change within all departments of human endeavour .
In order to evolve further along the path of right human relationships, then we must learn to look within ourselves , find the inner peace by a gradual and developing contact with ones own soul. Through the science of meditation. When great numbers of the  race begin to establish a measure of soul contact.- then we will see very big changes in the hearts and minds of men and woman everywhere.  – My Blog.



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